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Old saying from the Mafiosi in Sicily. Tells that the best payback is the one that comes with planning, and that brings the most horrendous pain to your enemies when they are not expecting and are just enjoying the fruits of all the dishonor they brought upon you. One must wait so he can really inflict pain to those who wronged him. Careful planing is necessary so your enemies will suffer terribly, but you won't be harmed by the Law or by your enemies' allies.
"After cutting the guy's arms with the chainsaw and throwing to the sharks, Joe tells him: 'La vendetta es una minestra che se mangia fredda, my friend, or Revenge is a dish best served cold. That bitch thought she would be happy with her HS sweetheart after stealing my money and send me to jail? Now she is going to know the pain of lose everything she loves...' He then pulls his Beretta and shoots the guy in the head"
by Don Materazzi March 20, 2009
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A timeless Pashtun proverb. Although frequently claimed by Spanish, French and British imperialists, the proverb is as French as the Egyptian Obelisk in Place de la Concorde Paris. Synonymous with Pashtun culture and a definitive illustration of "Pashtunwali" or the Pashtun code of conduct. Revenge is a part of life for the Afghan people.

The proverb states that revenge is best served with a clear mind, not when you are hot with anger.
Pashtunwali guarantees the protection of the three Z's - Zan (woman), Zar (gold or property}, and Zamin (land). These are the most important assets to a Pashtun, especially the women. Insulting, sexually harassing, or molesting a Pashtun woman can mean ruin for the culprit and his family, as it's the most un-Pashtun act one can do. Violation of any of the three Z's can only be redressed by revenge taking (badlaa). A son can be killed for his father's crime, and vice-versa. This way, a single crime or act can lead to family feuds that may last generations. The phrase "Revenge is a dish best served cold" is of Pashtun origin, borrowed by the British and popularised in the West. -Encyclopedia
by ymzai1919 June 14, 2011
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Old Klingon proverb by Khaless the unforgettable.
Sweet line
by Jeff May 15, 2004
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First said by Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderios de LaClos (1741-1803). He originally said it in French in his 1782 book Les Liasons Dangereuses: "La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid. Quoted in Kill Bill Vol. 1 as being an old Klingon Proverb
"Why did you brutally murder all of the people who killed your unborn baby?"
"Revenge is a dish best served cold"
by ben dub January 01, 2007
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