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A fun form of revenge that involves penetrating your victim anally. The act is best preformed at night when the victim is sleeping. The penetrator is carefull not to awaken the victim in their preparation to violate their victim anally. At some point a penis or object is rammed into the victims anus, full force, usually without lubrication or any form of warning. The act is not exclusive to male and female couples. The act of "revenge anal" has been documented between two females as well as two males.

Hot sauce or other irritants to the anus have also been known to be placed on the object or penis to increase the efficiency of this effective revenge tactic.
Amanda: "You anal revenged me last night while I was sleeping and it really hurt, you just rammed it in no remorse".

Franklin: "That's what happens when you try and dominate me in social settings, You get "revenge analed".
by Frankyjr December 25, 2013
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