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When a person refuses to to sexy stuff to you, so you go on their facebook and wank to their photos
Person1: Let's go do sexy stuff!
Stuck-up Bitch: Hell no!

------2 Hours Pass------

Person1: (Fap,Fap,Fap)

------2 Hours Pass------

Good Friend: Unlucky with that girl earlier
Person1: I got a Revenge Wank
by PSNlol May 12, 2011
finding the people who didn't want to have sex with you back in high school because they were better then you in high school, and having a nice little wanking session to their pictures
friend: what did u do last night?
you: played some video games and crashed on the coach, hbu?
friend: did a few revenge wanks to those sluts.
by assriffffle June 29, 2011
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