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a dumb elf who lives in the woodland forest with fairy magical creatures.
Hey, have you seen that Rett?

Yeah, he talks to bunnies.
by willsgf April 17, 2009
Name for extremely sexy guy. Girls can't stay away from him. He has alot of Swag and has a posse. Always a crowd mover, never follows others. Very attractive and smart.
Girl 1: Hey, look it's that hot kid.
Girl 2: I hung out with him last night, he's such a Rett.
Girl 1: He seems like one.
by Bushwacker March 08, 2012
1. emo slang for "very".
2. gangsta slang for "right".
1. This band is rett emo-core_indie-new-york-punk-speed.
2. kick dat dawg right in da chode.
by Pogglemort May 25, 2005
Shortened and slang term for "Cigarettes".
Henet: Hey bro, you got retts?

Hodgson: Tourettes? Yeah, I do.

Henet: Nah, cigarettes mate. I'm in the mood for a smoke.

Hodgson: Sorry, I only smoke pole.

Henet: What a catch you must be...
by Jerry.Lee April 12, 2010
a short slang word for "cigarette"
"hey man, wanna go hack a rett"
by nickvm December 17, 2005
R- responsible
E- engaged
T- tall
T- trust worthy
i dont want to wright a sentence about rett.. for real
by #super_powers July 12, 2016
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