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One who greatly loves artifacts and aesthetics from the past. Typically associated with hipsters, whose attire often hearken back to past decades, retrophilia often goes hand and hand with a general distaste for modern culture. Common items and traits found on a retrophile are pocket watches, fedoras or top hats, ties, old-fashioned sports jackets, a love for instructional videos from the early 1950s, a preference for music than involves a mixture of psychedelia, folk, baroque, and classical, and pretentiousness.
Man, modern consumerism fuels all sorts of distasteful manifestations in our society. Check out my vintage aviators, antique fedora, and tie-dye shirt. I wish I lived in a mixture of the 1960s and Edwardian England. I'm such a retrophile.
by Agnostics Unite! December 29, 2009

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