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Reticulous - adjective
A combination between ridiculous and retarded normally said when someone or something says something extremely stupid. When describing someone you can either call them a reticulous person or reticularded if they are extremely retarded.
Craig: Shall we have Brelundin
Paddy: Nah its only 22:17 Don't be Reticulous

Craig: I think the green lantern is better than batman
Summer: Dont be reticulous its just cos you have a massive gay man crush on the green lantern

Craig would be an example of a reticulous or reticularded person because his stupidity is beyond ridiculous
by Paddy and Sam September 08, 2010
to be ridiculously meticulous and reticulated
Adriana: "See how well defined, even, and perfect the bed is?"
Adam: "OMG Andriana you are so Reticulous! But it looks perfect to jump on now."
Adriana: "Don't or I'll kill you!"
by Dalliacrome February 26, 2014
A combination of the words ridiculous and meticulous. Meaning ridiculously meticulous. An adjective describing a person that pays an incomprehensible amount of attention to detail and precision.
Johnny's dance moves are so utterly precise and perfected that he's bordering on reticulous.
by Crze August 19, 2014
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