a crappy place in nottinghamshire full of middle class inbred snobs with their heads so far up their own arses the can see out of their mouths. people there are unfriendly and talk and mate within their own groups in society. which is usually their family.
person 1:omg that girls uncle is also her father!
person 2: she must be from retford
by IwouldDestroyu April 29, 2011
Top Definition
A town in North Nottinghamshire with no history and yet prides itself in being historic.

The only viable activity is to develop a drinking problem.

Nothing in the way of night clubs but still has a vibrant *cough* nightlife. (If you want a fight that is)
person one- "night out in Retford?"

person two- "much as I like not being in a fight, there's nothing better to do"
by Eyebrows Mcgee December 07, 2010

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