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"A person located on the right-wing of the political spectrum, and something that I'm glad I am. Most voted for George W. Bush (or Bush), and helped him win his 2nd term to the Presidency.
Oh yeah, before I forget, Republicans DO NOT only represent the rich; I voted for him and I'm only MIDDLE class. Plus, the majority of the friends I have, including most of the lower class ones, voted for George Bush. Why would they vote Republican and be one if the Grand Old Party only benefitted the wealthy? Exactly...liberal credibility: out the window!
Source: Straight from E-ville, Apr 16, 2005"
You ask, why would middle and lower class people vote for George Bush? Because they are morons.

If you're rich and you vote for a Republican, you're greedy. If you're middle class and you vote for a Republican you're a moron.
by qwerty April 26, 2005
75 273
The currant ruling party of the united states of America.

A group of heartless, callous, murderous, but painfully reasonable people.

consisting of the elites of each class (the top 5 percent of collage graduates are over 95% republican, just as the upper middle class and the upper lower class)The republicans, unfortunatly for the normal folks have the upper hand in political matters due to their straightforeward, vicious, and on occasion surprisingly clever tactics.

The only group of people crazy (and strong) enough to look into the barrel of a UN gun and laugh.
"Fuck you Re-"
-Unknown minority protestor, shot 302 times by riot police.

The Americans are lead by the most dangerous people in the world, so for the love of god put those protest signs away before they nuke us.
-Anonymous UN official.
by Mr. Cynical December 10, 2004
52 271
1. Those who defend the constituion with honor and bravery. Those who think punishment of criminals need to be harsher, and children need to be saved. Those who hate war but see that the only way through peace is throught SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.

2. Those who give everything and get muckraked by fuckheads. (see democrat)
Republican - the only way to be.
by w00t November 24, 2002
101 324
A republican is a hard working American person who does not want to see their tax dollars go to the poor. They think that momney should be worked for and that the government should not give to the poor who are obviously poor for a reason (Unless stated otherwise) We republicans give you bastards a fair chance and you blow it all up in our face. Someone who believes the Freedom is not free. We also believe the everyone has a right to life, and it's your damn fault if your 15 year old kid got pregnat from her 21 year old boy-friend. We also believe the human life is created the second that conception takes place and that stem-cell research is an abomination.

"The Lord givith and the Lord takith" No one else has the right to step in for him and say what they think should happen with an unborn life.

WE also want to see this country run under s strong hand because people are naturaly evil and need to be watched and regulated
"Anyone who thinks we are over in Iraq for Oil is fucking Retarded. To fight against having our troops in Iraq is like spitting on the graves of all those who died in 9/11.

You're not God, so you can't take away life.

You fucking democrats think Clintin was SOOOOOOOOO great; name five things he did to better this country in his term!

Mark Levin on 10.77 AM radio is the smartest republican around!
by I'm NOT SHORT July 03, 2006
59 301
people that

A: work for their money
B: value life
c: don't take shit from anybody
That man is a fine republican, e had the balls to go out and fight for his freedom.
by I'm Right, you know. December 16, 2004
151 400
An adult. A grown-up. Someone who has completed puberty.

Someone who does not hold certain political beliefs just to be hip, edgy, or fashionable.

Someone whose political beliefs are based on knowledge, research and experience, not from Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down CDs.

Someone who doesn't depend on celebrities or musicians to represent their beliefs.

Someone who lives outside of their parents house. Someone who actually tries to be valueable to their society not by intent, but by actions and deeds. Someone who makes more than $30,000 a year.

Someone who cares in a way too subtle for people with small minds to ever notice. Someone who doesn't have to over-patronize less fortunate people to disguise their inner selfishness.

Unpretentious. Moral. Normal.
There is no reason for Republicans to dislike liberals or left-wing folks. After all, we were all 14 years old at one point in our lives.
by Evil Fascist Neocon Warmonger March 29, 2005
164 455
One who works for what they have. A member of society who understands that nothing is free, and that if you work for something, and earn it, it should be yours; while democrats believe that we should give everything we have to those who are too worthless to do anything for themselves. Republicans believe that there are good countries out there (UK), confused countries (Fr.), and there are coutries ruled by megalomaniac dictators, whose regions of the world are criminally infested hell-holes, in the middle of the desert. Republicans understand that 1% of the world population has food, because they went to college, and got jobs, and worked to earn money, instead of shitting bunches of children in some third world country, and is too ass backwards to figure out that he needs to work. A republican is someone who is morally sound, and believes in life; adversly, democrats believe that they can do whatever they want, and that no one can make them do anything but their own selfish agenda.
Wow, Reagan was a good president... and so was Eisenhower. Hmm...Economic prosperity, the good ol' days. Too bad the current recession OFFICIALLY started in the last year of Clinton's presidency, after the failing of stocks, instead of the propagandated bullshit about it being Bushes fault (although we all remember it was bad well before the attempted stealing of the election by Gore / Jewerman)
by Paccali December 06, 2002
165 489