1) One who believes the government is problematic as far as dealing with social, political, and fiscal issues.

2) Typically a conservative

3) One who believes in the power of self-reliance.

Antonym: Democrat - one who believes that the government is the solution to all social, political, and fiscal issues. Typically a liberal.
A Republican believes in Laissez-Faire.
by todditha November 29, 2004
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One who works for what they have. A member of society who understands that nothing is free, and that if you work for something, and earn it, it should be yours; while democrats believe that we should give everything we have to those who are too worthless to do anything for themselves. Republicans believe that there are good countries out there (UK), confused countries (Fr.), and there are coutries ruled by megalomaniac dictators, whose regions of the world are criminally infested hell-holes, in the middle of the desert. Republicans understand that 1% of the world population has food, because they went to college, and got jobs, and worked to earn money, instead of shitting bunches of children in some third world country, and is too ass backwards to figure out that he needs to work. A republican is someone who is morally sound, and believes in life; adversly, democrats believe that they can do whatever they want, and that no one can make them do anything but their own selfish agenda.
Wow, Reagan was a good president... and so was Eisenhower. Hmm...Economic prosperity, the good ol' days. Too bad the current recession OFFICIALLY started in the last year of Clinton's presidency, after the failing of dot.com stocks, instead of the propagandated bullshit about it being Bushes fault (although we all remember it was bad well before the attempted stealing of the election by Gore / Jewerman)
by Paccali December 06, 2002
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People who belong to the Republican party & political views are typically:

The Government's power should be be limited

Preserve individuals' rights & freedoms. The most common one, your right to bear arms

The power should always lie in the hands of the people. Through voting, petitions & elected officials. Remember no matter who is 'in charge' they only have power thanks to you & only as long as you say

By supporting big business you create new jobs for the masses. By lowering taxes they increase the business' budget allowing them to give their employees higher wages, hire new employees, or spend more on other things, which would all help the economy.

-on a side note, being republican & being conservative are not the same thing.
"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
- What true Republicans should believe
by -Izy43 February 07, 2010
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Folks who like to work for a living. They believe affirmative action is bullshit, should be the best man for the job. They believe in limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense. You know....things that have made America the stongest most badass nation on the planet.
Barack Obama and his cronies are ruining the country...it's only a matter of time before the Republicans take charge again. Remember Jimmy Carter?
by drewman05 July 12, 2009
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My mother who didn't abort me.
Don't believe all the hype about Republicans or Democrats, they are both cut from the same cloth, exist for the same purpose, use the same methods, and are defined here by the same people on the so called opposite side of the political spectrum.
by Jimmy Buckets July 06, 2005
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People who don't have time to keep up with what's going on in the world because they are too busy with family issues, church duties, work, etc... and are made fun of it by psuedo-intellectualist, unemployed democrats and stupid people from other countries who sit at home all day and get their opinions from other morons on the internet or talk radio.
Republicans are too busy being employed to realize that their political party is a big ol' bag of BS.
by Starcastic April 26, 2005
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Pimps. With Dubs on their Rides. Republicans are good, decent, hardworking Americans who oppose the gay, pro-choice, pro-stupid agendas of liberals. Whereas Republicans beleive in God & country, Democrats believe in sucking the country dry of its morals and values like the atheistic assholes they are.
Furthermore, Republicans aren't pussy ass bitches who complain and cry everytime we have to lay the smackdown on some country that commits genocide against its own people (Iraq, anyone?)
America runs shit, everybody else just lives here. But the Democrats get their feelings hurt when the French and Germans call us big meanies cuz we don't listen to their every command. Excuse me, monsieur, I am soooo sorry. Shut the fuck up and make me some Freedom Toast.
If that isn't enough, the Republicans are the only reason this country acts with the valor and courage to use its strength for making the world a better place, with one less dictator.
Anybody who thinks Republicans are homophobic, racist bigots is somebody who sucks waaaayyyy too much cock for their own good. Yeah, I guess Republicans are narrow-minded cuz they dont want their kids watching TV with some homo ramming another dude in the ass. What a bunch of assholes.
Also, the last thing you need to know is that the Republicans care about the poor MORE than the Democrats. What, you say? Yeah, if you've ever taken even a remedial economics course at your local community college you would know that transferance of money from the rich to the poor creates a system by which the incentive to work decreases for the impoverished. Thus, the economy suffers because there are less people in the labor force which in turn raises the unemployment rate and the rich have less money to invest into the economic infrastructure. If you're a Democrat, you were probably too asinine to understand the point or the words in front of you. Peace.
George Clooney: I am liberal dickwad who blows a lot of smoke up people's asses about what I think because as an actor, I am the foremost authority on fiscal and socio-economic policy. I also eat asshole for fun.
Bill O'Reilly: I'm one of millions of Republicans and I'm bout to beat yo ass you crybaby muthafucka. POW!!!
by Southie00 June 04, 2006
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