One who likes to sit there in church and just nod their head and believe everything their dumbass pastors say no matter how stupid.

a follower.
one who was very active in highschool extra curricular activities describing them as the best years of their life and yearns for those years again. the only solution is to go to church and seek enjoyment in people telling them once again that they are doing the right thing, they are correct, they will go to heaven-no matter what evil they do.

A selfish, self absorbed fool who doesnt realize that there are people out there who really need help.

A person who believes in a wasteful government, debt, borrowing, elitism, privledge, selfishness, war, paranoia, un-acceptance of others.

A person who conspires with crooks i.e. Cheney, Abrahamoff, Allen, Enron, Carlyle Group, Bush, DeLay, Rove, Rush L, Libby, the list continues to grow.......

A person who is more concerned with comforting themselves than the truth i.e. Rush limbaugh (actual drug addict).

"My pastor told me that the news is run by the Liberals so I dont watch the "secular media."
"Dumbass! Dont you know tha consevatives own most of the radio stations and control the FCC too!"

"Why should I give my hard earned money away to the homeless!"
"Because your stupid ass voted for Ronald Reagan who made the fucking homeless problem in the first place!"

"We need George Bush to keep us safe!"
"You idiot! Dont you know that no one in the Whitehouse listened when Clark was screaming we were going to be attacked on 9/11! and when we were attacked and the Secret Service told Bush that we were currently under attack he just sat there and didnt do shit!"

"I like Bush, he seems like an honest guy"
" You dumb redneck! Why do you think the Republican party is falling apart!? All their shit is catching up with them and now they are resigning in shame." " The truth gets exposed sooner or later."

by Junior Genius April 12, 2006
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Anything that is closed minded and or is a terrible event.
Man, math class was so Republican today!
by Obamamania April 06, 2009
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(N.) 1. A young person who realizes that the only way they can "rebel" in this pill
popping and hippie culture is to join forces with their grandparents.
2. A middleaged person who has finally paid off their college debt and does not want any "poor people" getting a cut of their check.
3. An elderly person who "saved" a lot of money by not paying any taxes due to "creative book-keeping" and just wants to hear Tom Brokaw call them the greatest generation about 500 times.
Screw you it's mine, mine ,mine, mine. I vote Republican.
by Rev April 08, 2004
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A psychological condition, and corresponding diagnosis, indicated for a person who displays or exhibits the following signs or symptoms:

1. An inordinate concern for his/her own welfare, property, and/or wealth;

2. A disturbing disregard or dismissal of the welfare and material needs of others, a distinguishable anti-social personality disorder; and,

3. An unsteady and hypocritical view of the truth, requirements and demands of Christian religion.

A condition identical to and synonymous with derangement and child molestation.
Doctor 1: "I am serious! He would cannibalize his wife, bury his child alive, and rape and sodomize his mother if doing so would earn him a buck."

Doctor 2: "Oh dear! He's a republican. He should be in a mental hospital . . . , or prison."
by Bill Beck O'Hannity March 29, 2010
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People who refuse to let certain peoplewho love eachother to marry, kill tons of people but say abortion is wrong, biggits, the worst part of this country.
Look at bush for example. What more needs to be said?
People who shove their opinions down your throaght, think the only people who really matter are straight whites, and it helps if those particular whites have a penis of course, think that if they spend 200,000 dollars on a new car that they shouldnt pay a bit extra for luxury tax and are extremly offensive to people who they don't like often right in front of them.
George W. Bush

"Hey Lois, look at me. I'm the two symbols of the Republican party. An elephant, and a Fat White guy who's threatened by change."-peter from family guy
by vickyronth May 16, 2006
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anyone who hates hippies and make a blindfold for the poor so that they may hold on to their pile of money.
George Bush is a prime example of a very good republican. Good republicans are bad for the world.
by Tom Bombadillo June 14, 2005
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American political party popular with people who come from (on average) the dumbest, poorest, heavily subsidized regions of the country (the south,Kansas, Montana etc.)

Believe blatantly irrational social myths (increasing the military is vastly more important than education, wiretapping is better for liberty than healthcare, incarceration is better for freedom than taxing and decriminalizng marijuana)

Bitch about welfare even though red states are most likely to be subsidized
A guy named Jack walks in to a bar and says "All republicans are assholes

then some redneck stands up and says "I resent that ignorant statement you piece of shit"

Jack: Why, are you a republican?

Redneck: No, I'm an asshole
by Piccolo48 March 03, 2010
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