What this form of government really is. Indeed superior to a democracy!
This country was founded as a Republic-where the people vote for represtatives and they handle the government business. For example if it was intended to be a democracy, Senators originally would not have been elected by Congressmen, and the President would not be elected by an Electoral College.

The founding Fathers did not have system of government in mind, where the load vocal minority, those who honk their horns the loadest tell an incompitent fuck what to do balless Clinton for example and his poll checking every hour upon the hour! This does not work, plus a poll only included 100-1000 questioniers. The idea is to elect and be represented by the best and brighest you can, not be at the mercy of the damned and dumbest- the ignorant Aunt Jemima society of nigger cunts and their democratic pussies for example!
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
a goverment that has its roots in Sparta but became more effective type of goverment when rome combined a sparta type Republic whith a greek type Democracy.a Republic was orignaly verry effective of makeing sure a country stayed together the only problem happened is when it is combined with a Democracy. When this happens a country can split in half and go into civil war which has happened to Rome and America.Republics although the idea is outdated and very old it is still effective and is used still by the most powerfull country in the world the USA(in a millitary sense but by no means political or economic).
Sparta was a Republic and we are Democratic Republic
by John H April 06, 2005
1. A system of government involving the election of representatives and no hereditary offices.
2. A word used by certain political groups to refer to a government that does what they want.
1. The United States is governed by elected representatives and has no King or Queen so it is a republic.
2. Many conservatives talk about bringing back the "republic" and think the United States is not one because in their fantasy world the word "republic" means government that follows their beliefs.
#republic #democracy #representative #conservative #libertarian #fundamentalist
by Truthshiner April 06, 2010
When Gatecrasher was cool, it was called Republic.

Had the funky postcode of S1 1DJ.
Shall we go to Republic? At least the beers cool.
by dj_monged August 08, 2004
A terrible dictatorship, in which if you disobey anything the leader deems appropriate your ass will be electrified.
The leader and his minions function within a massive fortress so as not to be harmed by revolutionaries, or rebels.
Usually, but not always, it is undermined by the dictator's apprentice's estranged son.
Don't tell anyone, but since the Emperor fried my brother's ass, I've been considering becoming a rebel. I just can't take the hypocrisy of the Republic anymore.
#nerd #geek #starwars #republic #o.a.r. #shattered #nocturnal state #30 rock
by corran.horn September 25, 2008
What fascists advocate when they don't trust the people.
The digital millenium copyright act, the controlled substances act, the USA PATRIOT act, the Alien and Sedition acts.

All of these were passed by "Noble representatives who know what's best for us"

You fascists make me sick. My state has a balance between accountable politicians and referenda if you want anything done, and I like it that way.
by birdboy2000 January 06, 2005
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