contrary to the conspiracy theories of David Icke, my personal definition of reptilian is:

people who act not of this world, they are usually wiggers and juggalos. they're English is slurred and they usually use phrases like "get some". they tend to throw up in random places, probably due to the fact that they're not use to our atmosphere, or all of the Earth drugs they've consumed that evening. they have a variety of faces, all Reptilian.
did that Reptilian just puke on my door?
by D Zulu December 05, 2007
Top Definition
1. Reptilesque alien creature. 2. George Dubya Bush.
George Bush has got to be a fucking Reptilian.
by Victor Wilt November 24, 2003
Race in the 4th dimension who dominate us.

Also known as reps.
NIGGA, dem reps be ownin us n shit.
by Nig wig August 01, 2004
something thats cold-blooded or dark like a reptile
that mobb deep beat was cold, some reptilian shit
by CrucifX March 10, 2011
looking somewhat like a reptile

acting somewhat like a reptile

being a reptile
once the acid kicked in, all the pick-up bar patrons looked like reptiles; i had to swiftly vamoose!
she had a reptilian face
the insurance man had a reptilian 'bedside manner'!
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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