Another last name for a beaner. One who may fuck up your property, ranging from your house, your car, your computer, to your backpack and folder for art class(fuck this up real bad). It can be combined with the usual name of a beaner- jose.
Jose Renteria, vente beaner pindejo.
Why the fuck did you tag my folder up with TBM(Tagged by Mexican) you stupid fucking beaner?

Yo no se , mi can't afford uno para mi y mi have problemas controlling mi temper so mi fuck up yours gringo stupido.

by Beaner_Jose December 06, 2006
Top Definition
A last name that originated from a small town in Spain. People with this last name may get made fun of as a child because kids can never say it, so they may call them "rent-a-house" or "rent-a-car."
Person: Hi, what's your name?
Person #2: Jasmine Renteria.
Person: Can I just say Jasmine Rent-a-car? It sounds easier.
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009

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