After some intense fourplay You tell your woman that you'll be right back and you head to the garage and flip all of the breakers off simulating the power going out. You grab your trusty flashlight (must be Maglite brand) and run back to the room. With all of the comotion she should be just as hot and there is nothing else to do, but proceed. In middle of going down on her, incorporate your trusty maglite into the mix, handle side, without her knowledge of what it is. When she asks why is it so cold and so hard, just turn on the light and say "Maglite baby!"
Donald: "Hey, what did you do last night?"

Joe: "Our power went out and I banged my girl with my maglite!"

Donald: "So you played a real Rent-A-Cop huh, what she do, fix your sail sack ."
by rounder222 December 20, 2006
Top Definition
Security guards, usually unarmed, that are hired by companies and rented out to agencies for things such as concerts or school security.
My school is full of rent-a-cops, armed with nothing tougher than their cell phones. Safe, it ain't!
by Fat Tony January 13, 2004
someone who's a rented cop. usually a security guard at schools or events.
yo that rent-a-cop can't do shit. he doesnt even have a badge.
by ALeN BaLeN April 28, 2003
A slang term for a Security Guard (known as Security Officer in the business).

There are several kinds of people attracted to this work:

1.) The "Lifer": A loser in life who cannot do anything other than be a waste of space. These are the ones that make it harder for other people to perform a simple job of making sure a client's property doesn't burn down or get ransacked. They are insecure, lazy, and mentally slow. They think that they are somehow like Police or the Military. These tend to be in their late 30's and higher but you can see this sad excuse for existence in some 20 somethings that really fail at life. .

2.) College students: A lot of the younger guards you will run into who seem intelligent are usually in this class. Often this occupation allows for ample study time if done covertly. The pay rate is much better than most college jobs so they play it smart and do these kinds of jobs.

3.) Retired people: Surprisingly enough not every old guard you see will be an idiot. Often these are guys and gals who have retired and in order to have a supplemental income, they take on this job. They are often articulate and fairly intelligent for the most part.
816 Congress Avenue in Downtown Austin has a really bad Lifer at night. Go skate there in the alleyways to watch his dumbass in action. He's a real Rent-a-cop!
by Coca-Cola Kid December 20, 2009
A state certified and trained person who is essentially a private police officer. Used when 24hr police coverage can not be provided. Depending on the state, a "Rent-a-Cop" has arrest powers and carries a weapon. They can easily put you in as much trouble as a "real" cop. Most are Ex-Police/Milatary. Depending on the contract, the pay is actually better than local law enforcement.
::While setting in a cell: "Yo, G, I cant belive I gots arrested by a rent a cop"
by Slinger646 January 02, 2006
University security. They drive around looking for trouble, but when it gets dirty, the call the real cops.
The public safety aka rent a cop had to call the city cops because the party was too big.
by webmasterhcharlie September 04, 2006
fat cops who are basically useless for nothing else but staking out smoking areas on school campuses and getting hard off of couples making out at the mall. easy to outrun and distracted by loud noises.
the "undercover" rent-a-cops at duxbury high school who sit at onion hill in thier van (not a cruiser) watching for kids saying under thier breath, "make my day."
by k.zazzle March 20, 2007
or rent-a-pig

a uniformed security guard
The guy was mad because he was caught shoplifting by a "rent-a-cop."
by Light Joker September 15, 2004
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