from Rentboy. Can actually mean something actually gay as well as meaning the modern way of using gay. ie for something that is shit.
1.Dave - Look at that fucking cocoa Shunter over there!
Paul - ergh Man, he looks totally rent.

2. As Stevie dies and burns again on level 2 of Streetfighter 4, He slams the controller down on the floor and utters the immortal words.... " This game is fucking Rent!!"
by Class n Style June 16, 2009
A little harsh definition of guardians, usually parents. When said people think it is short for pa-rents but actually means the people's house you live in, that make you live by their rules and you live off their benifits. Basically it's almost like you are trying to indirectly say they are my owners and I might as well give em' the 'rent' You wouldn't label managers or people you share a house with 'rents'
Nai- I'm off work URGH
Dee- If you hate the job, fucking quit or don't moan at me !
Nay- Brah I got rents, they ever clock I lost big money, ama get shoe slapped out
by FamalamFamzee February 25, 2015
Musical: Beautiful lyrics, beautiful characters, brilliant plot, amazing songs. The entire point of my existence. Will stay with their fans forever.
Movie: Completely ruined the Broadway show. Beautiful lyrics, ruined characters, ruined plot, ruined song. The entire bane of my existence. Will stay with their fans for all of 8 months.
Fangirl: Melvin Bell III signed my Santa drag last night!
Normal person: omg, I think you're going a little overboard on the whole RENT thing.

real fangirl: Wow, I'm actually more of an Antonique Smith fan myself.
so-called "fangirl": who now?
by Vampire Welfare Queen December 06, 2006
private school or posh english slang for parents
the rents won't let me go out this weekend
by LittleLenikins November 11, 2010
another term for parents. used as short form. usually referring to them when the user is lazy/ angry with them.
My rents are making me stay home on friday. i dislike them.
by 26isdancierthen4 April 26, 2009
An abv for 'parents'.
"My rents won't let me out tonight"
"My rents disagree with me smoking weed"
by Kat x May 16, 2005
Another word for cool, awesome, or amazing. Very informal. Commonly used among friends.
That outfit is so rent! Where'd you get it?
by Maa-maa August 23, 2008
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