The best musical ever written. It came out in early 1996, and went to Broadway within a month. Its creator is Jonathan Larson, who died of an aneurysm the night before the first showing. Rent is the seventh longest running Broadway show ever, and closed in the September of 2008. A movie was made in 2005 with all of the OBC except for Daphne Rubin Vega and Fredi Walker.
Rent-hater: Rent is about gay people with AIDS who sing.
Renthead: No it isn't. It is about life, friends, and accepting people for who they are.
by SecretAgentAblert March 19, 2010
Putting together money in order to rent several hotel rooms, a condo, or a home (usually near the beach) in order to have a party. The money is used to rent the room and to buy the liquor, food, and other party favors -- such as marijuana -- needed for the rent. Popular among high school seniors and early 20-somethings. (Especially in Miami)
- "So what's up with the rent after prom?"
- "It's gonna be on Collins Ave. $50 bucks to stay. You in?"
- "Damn right!"


- "Are we gonna have a rent after Homecoming this year?"

by takeittothenipples November 18, 2007
noun. 1. something that is too damn high
1. "The rent is too damn high!" - Jimmy McMillan
by jimmyboyfish January 19, 2011
The past tense of rend which means to rip. May be used to refer to somebody who is ripped and buff af.
Person 1: Dude check out that guy benching 500 plates!
Person 2: That guy is rent af
by rentaf August 17, 2013
a ghetty/get-together where there's usually liquor, hookahs & music.
Billy, I'm have a rent tonight, you down ?

There's gonna be a ton of rents this weekend !
by TG182 October 19, 2011
The shorten word for the word parents.
Girl 1: Are you going to the part tonight?

Girl 2: I want to go, but I have to ask my rents first.

Girl 1 : Cool then.
by thehappyhippie May 25, 2014
A little harsh definition of guardians, usually parents. When said people think it is short for pa-rents but actually means the people's house you live in, that make you live by their rules and you live off their benifits. Basically it's almost like you are trying to indirectly say they are my owners and I might as well give em' the 'rent' You wouldn't label managers or people you share a house with 'rents'
Nai- I'm off work URGH
Dee- If you hate the job, fucking quit or don't moan at me !
Nay- Brah I got rents, they ever clock I lost big money, ama get shoe slapped out
by FamalamFamzee February 25, 2015

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