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An absolutely cracking musical beased in 80's/90's New York, influenced by the opera La Boheme. Defined as a "Rock Opera", the guitar riffs are addictively catchy and the lyrics are inspiring. From tearjearking scenes to laughter, passion and inspiration, RENT is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and you will, guaranteed, want to watch it again. It takes you through stuggles of life without money, AIDS and the fear of tomorrow; hope, life, living for the moment and acting without regret.

There are currently 3 versions of it - Film, USA Broadway and UK West End. If you have any sense, you will only go to see the Broadway version, as the West End producers have totally destroyed the music in some of the songs, especially "Out Tonight", which changes from a driving, fastpop/rock song to a badly composed, sleazy jazz rendition at about half the original speed.

Whilst the film version is good, it misses out some of the songs to shorten it, plays with the order of things, and is obviously not sung throughout as it would scare newbies to musicals.

Overall; bollocks to the West End, jump on a plane and go see it on Broadway. Oh, and buy the DVD to give you a general gist if you've never seen it, before you jump on that plane. You wont regret it.
"To days of inspiration, playing hooky, making something out of nothing; the need to express, to communicate.
To going against the grain, going insane, going mad.
To loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension;
To starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretention.
Not to mention, of course, hating dear old mom and dad!" - La Vie Boheme

"Will i lose my dignity, will someone care?
Will i wake tomorrow from this nightmare?" - Will I?

"WE're not gonna pay last year's rent! next year's rent! rent rent rent re-ent RENT!"
by DelilahPIE January 30, 2008
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Broadway musical written by the late, great Jonathan Larson — who, for the record, was neither HIV-positive nor gay. Debuted in 1996 and still going strong. Essentially a modern re-write of Giacomo Puccini's beloved opera La Boheme, but with a happier ending and a score influenced heavily by pop, rock, and techno.

The main differences between La Boheme and Rent:

Paris in the early 19th century becomes New York in the early 90s


Rodolfo the playwright becomes Roger Davis the HIV-positive musician, former heroin junkie, looking to write one hit song before succumbing to the virus he contracted from his dead girlfriend (first played by Adam Pascal)

Marcello the painter becomes Mark Cohen the filmmaker, trying to make it big (first played by Anthony Rapp, once played by Joey Fatone of N'Sync)

Benoit the landlord becomes real estate mogul Benjamin Coffin III, former roomate to Mark and Roger and a symbol of the coming gentrification of the neighborhood and the eventual death or commercialization of Bohemia (first played by Taye Diggs)

Colline the philosopher becomes Tom Collins the HIV-positive anarchist, a computer geek who sabotaged MIT's virtual reality software and teaches part-time at NYU (first played by Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order fame)

Shaunard the violinist becomes Angel Dumot Schunard the street musician, an HIV-positive sometimes-transvestite and lover to Collins (first played by Wilson Jermaine Heredia, and more famously by Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy)

Mimi, the rhematosis-infected, dying courtesan, becomes Mimi Marquez the Latina bondage performer, HIV-positive, nineteen years old and a junkie, Roger's love interest and former girlfriend of Benjamin (first played by Daphne Rubin-Vega)

Musetta becomes hipster homeless advocate and performance artist Maureen Johnson, a lesbian, Mark's former girlfriend who left him for her stage manager (first played by Idina Menzel, who later played the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked)

Alcindoro, Musetta's wealthy benefactor, becomes Joanne Jefferson, Maureen's new girlfriend and stage manager, whose role is significantly expanded compared to in Boheme to suit her relationship with Maureen and love-triangle with Mark (first played by Fredi Walker, at one point played by Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls)

Tuberculosis and rheumatism, the diseases which plagued crowded urban centers in the 19th century, are replaced by AIDS, the scourge of the artistic community in the 80s and early 90s
A movie version of the musical, starring the entire original cast save for Daphne Rubin-Vega (who has been replaced by Rosario Dawson), is currently being filmed.

Much like how Puccini died before he could finish his last opera, Turandot, Jonathan Larson died the day before Rent debuted, of an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm stemming from his Marfan's syndrome.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon July 28, 2005
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The best Broadway musical that exists. It debuted in 1996, and is still running today.
"Rent is about being young in New York; being brave and being scared; being in love and being in trouble; viewing hope for today and faith for tomorrow."
by Kristen October 20, 2003
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Your Biological parents, or care takers.

Mom and Pop.
The Damn rents are home this weekend so the party can't be here.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
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Awesome Broadway musical about love, AIDS, life... very touching. Kind of depressing. Inspiring... has an obsessive fan base known as the "RENTheads."
RENT the movie is coming out later this year. *dies happy*
by Meredita May 31, 2005
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Life-changing musical. It's not one of those chorus-line, "let's do the can-can" musicals AT ALL. It will make you embrace life, and the music is pretty cool, too.
"How we gonna pa-a-ay last year's rent? This year's rent? Next year's rent? Rent, rent, rent, re-ent, rent..."
by Tango Maureen March 23, 2004
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when in script form, the Bible itself.
You can light my candle, Adam Pascal!!
by Nicole Renthead August 30, 2004
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The greatest musical i have ever seen. I dont really know how to explain it but it made me cry. But i would cry during the happy parts and the sad parts. I saw it with the original cast and the cast that is touring right now and it is still amazing. It is like nothing you will ever see.
um my favorite scene is the La Vie Boheme scene and the Christmas Bells scenebut i adored them all
by cristina March 15, 2005
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