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Wankers who will protest against anything and everything even if they don't know what they are protesting about. Mostly made up of foul smelling hippies and moronic people
by Fourstar82 August 28, 2003
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(Un)cool soicialites wearing tacky skirts and an ugly hats, paid heaps for just turning up
by dj November 06, 2003
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A pseudonym term devoid of any meaning whatsoever. Used by the corporate media, politicians and those who blindly believe them, to dismiss any real opposition off-hand.
Don't worry about that misinformed rent a crowd, everything is going to be fine.
by Shenaniganz September 27, 2015
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One person who can make as much noise and do as mush damage (usually in a drunken state) as a crowd of seven or eight people.
James 'rent a crowd' O' Brien is some loud messy bastard!
by csone December 19, 2006
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