a cheap knock off of vegas
man#1: dude lets go to reno this weekend!!
man#2:nah dude. reno just a wannabe vegas
man#1: lets go to vegas then!
by cowgirlchic June 30, 2011
the psychological effect of going insane and becoming a clinger
Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers went Reno on Vince Vaughn
by Renaldo Shuttles May 19, 2011
The creepy, cheap, old and dirty version of Las Vegas.
You really have to be desperate and broke to go to Reno rather than Las Vegas.
by THE!CANADIANA! August 23, 2010
a new model of suzuki car
i just got my reno a while ago, still the only one in my town with one
by reno owner March 21, 2005
Reno... as in Jean Reno; the guy who's voice can NOT be heard in Onimusha 3
Hi, i'm Ako! Let's g- *SLICE!!* AAAAAAAHH!!! MY JUGULAR!!!
by Danny Barq August 22, 2004
Nickname for someone who is extremely stupid, slow, retarded, etc.
A: What a noob.
B: Yeah, he's a reno.
by BK_FTW April 28, 2007
a place in texas

see also rifk
dude: jeez, reno is teh gay!
f4g: reno, texas?
dude: stfukthx
by para July 13, 2004

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