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A city formed by alcoholics in the 1800's who were too lazy to take their wagons over Donner Pass to California. A place to get a marriage/divorce while waiting for your haircut. A mini Las Vegas but with freezing winter temperatures. The casinos are abandoned on weeknights, feel free to get a $30 hotel room for you and your friends, take some shrooms and gamble until dawn no questions asked. They give you free drinks so you gamble more, but just don't be stupid and you can get really drunk for free.

It's Sin City, with a more convenient location for outdoorsmen, nature-lovers, skiers, fishermen...

There are also 2 cops for every civilian, they were too stupid for college so they pick on teenagers and college students who can barely pay their rent to fill their quota.

On the contrary, Reno is just a few miles away from breathtaking, crystal-clear Lake Tahoe, and some of the biggest and best ski resorts in the United States, huge mountains, also home of some very high quality marijuana.
Also very close to Black Rock Desert, home of Burning Man. It used to be a festival dedicated to art, radical expression, and free-thinkers, but now it's a week-long rave that costs $400 featuring fat middle-aged DJs rolling balls, probably born and raised in Reno.
1: Dude, let's go hiking, take an ice-cold dip, go mountain biking, then get smashed and go gambling!

2: Sounds like Reno! Let's drive the speed limit until a cop rides our ass just to pull us over when we speed up.
by Chubstep February 26, 2011
Canadian slang for home renovation, or home improvement. Those silly Canadians.
After moving into our house, we've been doing non stop renos.
by Scott J. August 14, 2006
Reno is one of the characters in Final Fantasy 7 and FFVII:Advent Children. He plays an awesome role and is like.. basically one of the greatest characters known to life. He's sexy too.
Person1: Last night I was watching FFVII:AC
Person2: Oh yeah? Was it good?
Person1: Yeah, Reno kicked some mad ass in that.
by Shelbbyy June 02, 2006
Reno is a prominent member of the Turks, ranking directly below Tseng. He sports a lanky physique, and unkempt red hair terminating in a long pony-tail. In Final Fantasy VII he has two symmetrical red tattoos across his cheekbones. He is always seen wearing goggles on his forehead. He is also much less attentive to dress code than his colleagues. He wears the Turks uniform but with his jacket unzipped and his shirt untucked and open-necked without a tie. He uses a retractable, metallic stun baton, called an Electro-Mag Rod, as a weapon. He is characterized as cocky, cynical, and somewhat lazy, but is highly skilled and takes pride in his work. Reno also has a penchant for gossiping and is a competent helicopter pilot. In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children, he is portrayed as being somewhat less cynical, clumsy and more of a comical character. Although his fighting skills are far above the level of a normal human, he is defeated with relative ease by Yazoo.

Reno is first encountered in Final Fantasy VII when he enters a derelict church in the slums of Midgar's Sector 5 in an attempt to capture Aerith (where he instructs his subordinates to be careful not to step on the flowers after stepping on them himself). Not long after, he activates the bombs that blow up the Sector 7 support pillar before having a brief battle with Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Barret Wallace. This fight leaves him temporarily incapacitated. He can be seen in a bar at Junon, and later reappears outside of Gongaga with his long-time partner, Rude, having been assigned to intercept AVALANCHE. Despite the rivalry between the two groups, he is not beyond teaming up with Cloud and his companions in Wutai, where both parties had to work together after each had a member kidnapped by Don Corneo. After this incident, Reno's group receives new orders to search for Cloud but Reno decides not to fight Cloud on the pretext of being off duty. Near the end of Disc Two of Final Fantasy VII, the player has the option to fight Elena, Reno, and Rude, or refuse the battle. In either case the Turks survive, so there is no clear canonical outcome to this situation.

Reno has a prominent role in Advent Children. Consistent with his attitude at the end of the original Final Fantasy VII, Reno possesses no true hostility towards his former enemies. As of Advent Children, the Turks are on the same side as AVALANCHE and join the fight against the film's villains. Reno and Rude primarily serve as the film's comic relief. His comical role in Advent Children includes being locked out while Cloud and Rufus have an important talk, bringing out his weapon and accidentally hitting Rude in the head, being knocked back several hundred feet by Yazoo and landing on Rude, climbing a building to save Rufus and using Rude's shoulder as support, stepping on and crushing Rude's trademark sunglasses, having a child stick his fingers up his nose while rescuing him from Bahamut SIN, and apologizing to Loz and Yazoo for insulting Jenova before realizing what he said. He also finds comedy in his and Rude's end, near-suicide bombing a highway tunnel's exit to block Loz and Yazoo's pursuit of Cloud during the final chase, saying it's a good thing the bombs are Shinra's flashiest brand. They both survive the explosion unscathed, though how is unknown.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, a character appeared that had similarities to Reno appeared. Axel, a member of the Organization XIII was inspired by Reno's character concept. They have similar appearance, same personality, and are voiced by the same actors in the English and Japanese versions.

He is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version of "Advent Children" and "Crisis Core" with Quinton Flynn voicing him in the English versions.
Reno = Pure awsomeness.
by LittleYaoiDevil January 03, 2009
a small minded cunt.
Person 1: "how come you got kicked off rez?"
Person 2: "I was drinking with the gronk and threatened to burn reno's house down while he slept."
by the greek wowzers August 24, 2011
a cheap knock off of vegas
man#1: dude lets go to reno this weekend!!
man#2:nah dude. reno just a wannabe vegas
man#1: lets go to vegas then!
by cowgirlchic June 30, 2011
Biggest little city in the world...

1. Place to go if you can't go to vegas
2. Place to go if Satan doesn't have room in hell
3. Place to go to get your ass shot up by white people in pink short shorts
4. Place to go if your into sick skating gaps
5. Place where rich and poor people live in different parts of the city and attend the same school
6. Place to go to see some rich kid slam on a poor kid
7. Place to go to see the rich kid get his ass handed to him
8. Place to go if your under 18 and wanna get into a strip club or Bully's
9. Place to go
Read definition number 9... Reno is like spanish for reindeer or something... Reno is a bad ass final fantasy character... if you add a b to the end of reno and flip it backwards... you get Boner...
by Isfar December 24, 2007