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A sexual maneuver requiring a bit of preparation. Prior to a sexual encounter, a man shaves his pubic region and collects the trimmings in a ziploc bag. During climax, and while spilling his seed on the lucky lady's upper lip area, the man produces the ziploc bag and commences sprinkling his pubic hair on the lady's upper lip, thus creating a "gentlemanly" mustache.

(Optional is the singing of the Yale Whiffenpoofs' song during the placement of the pubis.)
A: Man oh man. You should have seen it last night. You know those pubes I've been saving since sophomore year?

B: Yeah.

A: Well, last night I finally had a chance to put them to good use. I gave Sheila a Reno Gentleman!

B: Awesome! Did you sing?

A: Like I'd undertake that much preparation and not sing? What are you, from the Midwest?
#reno #gentleman #man #pubic #yale #mustache #sex
by Papa Ronhaar May 15, 2008
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