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When during sexual intercourse the man slips out of the vagina and intentionally attempts to enter the woman's anus with aspirations to continue with anal intercourse. If the woman protests entry, the man proceeds apologetically with the explaination that it was only an accident.
Last night I was fucking this sexy ass bitch and I was all like (in my head) "damn boo, I wanna tap that shit-keg so hardcore." So, I acted like my dick accidentally slipped out and then I popped it in her ass. She said, "Ay Papi!" deeming entry unacceptable, so immediately I stated, "MY BAD", and threw it back in her poonanny. Later on, I went to tell my homies that I had given a bitch the RENEGADE SAUSAGE ... HARDCORE!
by Mark, Ian, & Mike October 07, 2009
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