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one of the coolest, funniest, best, most awesome friends your well ever have :) he can own anyone at Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero and dont even think about trying to beat him in Brawl :]
Kayla: Renan is so awesome!! :D
Melissa: So is his cock... :]
Kayla: Cant wait to try it out.. ;)
by your mom in bed August 23, 2008

You can fill in whatever you want for those letters. As long as it matches with
the person you're talking about.

The default known definition for this shortening is "Guy With Big Dick" though.
1. Guy with big deck.
2. Gay with big deck.
3. Guy with bald deck.
4. Gay with bald deck.
5. Guy with blue duck

Of course... the "G" word can be girl too :), because, these days there are hermahrodites too.

etc. etc. For renan (sweating on maplestory) it problably would be example #1, for explanations go message him in game!
by saggyrenan April 30, 2009
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