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Remort- a) Regret the morning after sex

b) FUCK!

c) The definition of remort is fluid. It can be used in the place of any other word, sometimes multiple time in the same sentence. Due to lack of a specific meaning, when trying to decipher the meaning of remort, it is important to look at the context in which the word was used. (But it usually means sexytimes)
a) I had sex with a minger last night, now I feel great remort
b) Remort you
c) Remort the remorting remorters
by ShadowJinx26 September 22, 2011
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A normal person engaging in retarded behaviors. Sometimes known as a "Linskey"
John just pee'd in Mike's mom's panty drawer... What a remort
by telecomslave October 26, 2010

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