The point at which a friendly razzing turns ugly. Usually resulting in all third parties removing themselves from the awkward situation.
Brad: "Nice flavor savor Jake, looks like a hedgehog got stuck to your lip."
Friends: "haha!"
Jake: "I fucked your sister."
Friends: "Release the Kraken!"
by gooderlooking April 15, 2010
An expression of bravado used when revealing one's penis for intercourse. It can also be used in public urinals or other inappropriate places.
Jake was arrested for walking into the women's lavatory, pulling open his trench coat (under which he was naked save for business socks), and shouting, "Release the Kraken!"
by snotfistthedickish September 04, 2011
To party excessively hard, generally involving the consumption of Kraken dark spiced rum, so that the ensuing photographs could legally constitute a form of blackmail.
"Man, we released the Kraken so bad that weekend. Jay was wearing a fairy costume and running around with his wang out, and Brian passed out in the outhouse. God, we were a bunch of fucking drunks."
(Release the Kraken)
by AndBaconStripsAndBaconStrips August 17, 2011
As Larry lifted his leg he proclaimed, "Release The Kraken!"
by cmjvikes April 09, 2010
to fuck you up
You say another word 'bout my mama, an' imma release the kraken.
by mattyfoureyes December 19, 2010
When a female wants her man-friend to use his index finger and middle finger to shove in her vagina and use his thumb to massage the top of the vagina and use his tongue to flick the clit bring the female to orgasm very quickly. Very very quickly.
"hmmmm babygurl. I am going to Release the Kraken on you."

by keithandisaball November 09, 2010
to bust our your john; your dick; your shmong, also comes out in the new movie Clash of the Titans.
John: My girl was all up on me, so i release the kraken on her and she gave me a nice blow.
Jimmy: Nice.
by Thull March 16, 2010

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