Benjamin Rekrab was born in North Wales to an impoverished farming family. As a child Ben was often found helping out on the farm, milking the several cows they held. At the prime age of 19 Benjamin met Christine Barker, who would go on to become his partner in passion as well as milk production. It was not until 1987 however, where upon conceiving their first child together, Christine and Ben were first noticed for having an suspicious liking for children. This was noticed by the local authorities in Wales, who upon a raid on the family farm in 1993, discovered the true extent to their habits. A then five year old Christopher Barker, named so after his mother Christine, was found to have been sexually violated for the past five years of his life with such penetratory instruments as truncheons; until now only seen in use by the police constabulary.

In 2003 both escaped prison and it is believed they continue to abuse Christopher, with the aid of some inside help from a member of the police force. If you have any information on either's whereabouts please contact the police in your area.

Benjamin Rekrab and Christine Barker were the forerunners of today’s Gary Glitter and Matthew Kelly.
"Your bro sucks cock like Ben Rekrab!"

"Jeremy Rekrab is a paedophile!"
by Gypson March 17, 2006
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A reversed word for "Barker" seemingly the second part of a boy named 'Callum Barker' commonly used as a derogative term for someone homosexual, or socialy unacceptably.
see Gay Fag Bummer
Man your such a Rekrab
"Can it Rekrab"
"man i got rekrabed last nite :( "
by Killerwarior Wanabe March 05, 2004

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