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man who works for a school who may or may not have a pole up his bum also he could be crucial to his health for him to get laid i would also not get in trouble with this man or could result in missing your entire day of classes standing out side his office for him to talk to you for all of 2 minutes but you still do not know what happend in math french english geo history or music a and beware he say no to everything and does not like to get his mustache dirty or wet and will call you his favorite student but then suspend expelled or yell at you many times.
Reiner: you are my favorite student bob
(after recess when bob punches sue in the face)
(bob then misses all of his classes and early bus)
( 3 mintues before late bus)

Reiner im going to call your mom and tell her you are suspened from school tomorrow
bob yes
Reiner yes SIR THATS SIR
bob yes sir
Reiner ok you can go to late buses
by hushhushhush May 21, 2009
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Reiner is a uncommon name for a male.

It is the English version of the German name “Rayner.“

Most Reiner's are proud individuals with an underlying shifty “fake” quality to their personalities that becomes apparent on a first meeting.

They are usually very insecure people at the base: untrustworthy, hypocritical, and self-centered with a heavy “Control Freak” and “Sneaky” edge.
“Reiner is one vile, sneaky sack of shit. He slept with my sister while trying to bed my wife and daughter at the same time.”
by Ian De La Rosa October 13, 2013
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Reiner is a name of German origin for a man. A poor excuse for a man, but none-the-less...

Most Reiners are evil, manipulative douche bags, aka Dark Friends.

They have "Control Freak" issues and are very vain.

They are dangerous "Bullshit Artists," who can easily manipulate the stupid and weak to do their will with their "worm tongues."

They are best avoided as friends, because they will betray and use you to their fullest extent.
"Reiner is one piece of shit. He is always telling women how great he is at kung fu to get them in the sack."
by Sara Smiles October 20, 2013
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Reiner is a word with several definitions.

1. Reiner is an archaic German name for a male that is barely used anymore. For example: “Gunter, Fritz, Reiner and Adolf are names not used much these days.

2. Reiner is a synonym for a small penis. “How did your date with Carl go last night? Terrible… he has no sense of foreplay and when he pulled down his pants, he was sporting a “Reiner.”

3. Reiner is a synonym for a “cheap skate.” How was your date last night? It was awful, he took me to a cheesy Red Lobster for dinner and used a 2 for 1 Coupon. What a “Reiner”… then, he went into a rage when I wouldn’t give him a hand job under the table.

4. Reiner is a synonym for a Sociopath (one who socially preys on people). What out for that “Reiner,” he will act like your friend, then, he will find a way to exploit you financially and sexually and not think twice about it.”

5. Reiner is also a synonym for a shit. For Example: “Last night, I overate at the Mexican restaurant and now have I have to take a heavy-duty “Reiner.”
"The word Reiner can have many meanings."
by Sara Smiles October 26, 2013
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Reiner is yet another name for a male prostitute.
Wow, that "Reiner" is one Gizz Queen. He swallows cum like it is a Tasty Freeze, and he is cheap too."
by Sara Smiles October 27, 2013
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Reiner is the Type of Guy that you Meet at a Park.

He will Use his Dog or even "Sink As Low" to Use His Own Child as a Prop to befriend you, SO THAT HE CAN HAVE SEX WITH YOU.

Later, when you find out that he is MARRIED, you will REALIZE that she is mostly supporting him,

while he rattles off all her bad qualities AS HE FUCKS YOU.

He seems to take great pleasure in slowly torturing her with doubt, lying and betrayal.

Reiner is the opposite of Love.

Reiner is the opposite of Faith.

Reiner is the opposite of Loyalty.
"Reiner is the opposite of Love."
by Amanda at the Beach November 09, 2013
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Reiner has three Meanings.

1. Reiner is another name for a Pedophile (Child Molester). You will see them in the parks sitting on a bench, wearing sunglasses.

Many times, they will have these Velcro strip looking goatees.

EX: "Hey, look at the Reiner over there on the bench fantasizing about fucking all the kids in this park. Pretty Gross."

2. Reiner is another name for a Cradle Robber.

EX: "Wow, look at the Reiner over there with his mail order bride trophy wife. She is young enough to be his daughter."

3. Reiner is another name for a Pervert/Perv.

EX: "Look at the Reiner over there jacking off in the bushes. ICKY."
"The Word Reiner has many meanings, but they are all bad."
by That's All Folks November 06, 2013
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A "Reiner" is a stingy person who also has a small cock.
Reiner, I am sorry about your small cock, but you don't have to be so stingy.
by Robbie Van Zant October 27, 2013
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