noun 1. the person regis philbin
verb 1. to innocently kill a puppy while playing the spoons
regis philbin was aquitted on all charges of regis philbin.
by HappyHenry35 April 18, 2003
Top Definition
Regis Philbin- n.
The act of waking up early in the morning , ejaculating on the spot between your partner and you, and finally kissing her gently on the shoulder so that she wakes up and rolls onto the soiled region.
See also 'Al Roker', 'Matt Lauer'.
-After going to bed angry, Jonny woke up Michelle with a 'Regis Philbin'. Good Morning Sunshine.

-Unsuspecting, Kelly rolled over to return the gentle morning kisses her boyfriend had been bestowing upon her, only to meet the luke-warm, sticky, nasty reality of a 'Regis Philbin'.
#danny glover #tony danza #filthy hogan #abe lincoln #hot lunch #donkey punch #cleveland steamer
by Brocktoon May 13, 2006
An old talk show host that's still going.
by Justin L. October 12, 2003
The act of one tying a large knife to one's erect and performing intercourse on the female vagina.

As seen in the movie Seven.

Named so for the fact that while performing the performee must scream, "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?"
Wow, being Regis Philbin'ed to death is the worst possible death you could possibly have.
#blumpkin #hot carl #dirty sanchez #alabama hot pocket #buried treasure
by Jon Wolfe November 04, 2007
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