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Everyone I've ever met that went to Regis University is an alcholic and a latent homosexual.
Jane: Boy, that John can't eat puss to save his life.

Athena: Of course he can't, he went to f'n Regis University!!!
by Tom Kaz January 22, 2007

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Regis is located off Federal blvd. in Denver, Colorado. If anyone knows about Federal blvd. is that it's the home of damn mexicains!!! They are all over the place. Walking off campus at night is asking to be shot in the K-mart parking lot! There's nothing good about Regis... it's a small fucking university with so much damn drama. Go Badgers!!! "WE GO TO REGIS!" is my favorite quote to live by!
Why do you wana transfer? "WE GO TO REGIS!"
by Wisco March 17, 2005