Nigger spelled backwards. Used to trick the nigger.
Hey! that REGGIN(Nigger)is stealing a car. Should we call the cops? Nahh lets just sprinckle some crack on him...."
by KYLE S**O**KI April 21, 2008
'Reg 'gin (n)
One who is ignorant beyond belief. One who breathes all the white mans air. Reggins (pl.) Those who are the cause of anything that is wrong with the world.
Actually an acronym for:
.R.etarded .E.lephant .G.onad .G.ulping .I.diotic .N.igger
"We should cage all these REGGINS, put them on a boat and ship it back to Africa... On the way we should nuke that motherfucker too....... white power."
by Weengod April 12, 2005
Another term for a black person instead of nigger.

hey wads up reggin how is the cotton field doin today.
by Biggie t April 07, 2007
A backward black person. Usually used to define extreme ignorance.
A bunch of reggins in New Orleans were told by the Mayor to evacuate and they thought he meant, go to the bathroom.
by JWP September 04, 2005
A name usually used as 'filthy' or 'nerdy', often used in the same sentence as 'nigger'.
Man, Reggins spam in the Pubsiut forums are whack, he should be banned.
by Jsmit April 16, 2005
It is the word nigger spelt backwards.
In the olden times the N-word was social acceptable(good), but now in the modern times it is frowned upon(bad).

Thus reggin is an adjective that can be used to describe certin events that are either bad or good much like the word bad. (mostly used to describe good things)

It can also be used as a noun to diguise use of the word nigger in social settings.
The "good" use:
John - Hey man check out that bike, that shits reggin!

The "bad" use:
Kyle - Man you're such a D-bag, stop actin so reggin!

The noun use:
Check you that reggin over there.
by Jim Dale January 30, 2008

Something bad
To reggin something or someone
(adjective) You reggin faggot
(verb) Go reggin yourself
by Anonymous329104812385901344 May 10, 2013
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