South American genre of music which consists of a repetitive beat, annoying vocals and primitive, simple lyrics in some sort of spanglish (it has nothing to do with Spanish).
Comparar a cualquier cantante de reggaeton con Mozart es como comparar un trozo de madera con un Stradivarius.
by Namakemono March 15, 2006
Reggaeton is an offspring of Reggae, Rap, Panamanian Spanish Reggae and House. The music is a form of Puerto Rican music, and it is constantly confused with it originating from Panama. This is not true because the Panamanians introduced to the world Spanish Reggae, which is a totally different sound. Reggaeton went through many years of underground percolation that fortified the genre to its present-day being. Its long underground history started in the late '80s from the sounds of Rap and Reggae storming the Puerto Rican airwaves. A few years later, the Panamanian sound and lyrical genius of El General officially introduced to the World a new sound, Spanish Reggae.
Puerto Ricans immediately accepted the sounds of Panama, but knew it was lacking, because of the lack of other Panamanians joining, proliferating the movement. Also, variety seemed null. Throughout the years (mid '80s-present), different Underground music movements continued to grow into powerful levels in Puerto Rico. Thanks to public radio stations on the island for a huge variety of radio stations, they all fed of each other directly and indirectly:

*Puerto Rican Rap Underground
*Puerto Rican Reggae Underground
*Puerto Rican Goth Underground
*Puerto Rican House Underground
*Puerto Rican Drum & Base Underground
*Puerto Rican Happy Hardcore Underground
*Puerto Rican Techno/Raver Underground
*Puerto Rican Salsa Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Rumba Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Freestyle Mainstream and Underground

The different music scenes in Puerto Rico evolved, and Reggaeton was the offspring of all of them. Today, one who listens to Reggaeton will understand if one studies the music well, it is a combination of ALL of the above listed. It will be foolish to say that Reggaeton of today is not evolving, as it is mixing musical forms of the Orient, Middle East, Indian, Dominican Republic and American Rock (samples). Reggaeton is a beautiful music from Puerto Rico because it is Puerto Rico, Past, Present, and Future. Also, Reggaeton is the World, which is evident in its beats. Reggaeton should continue to have a wide variety of stars who will fuel the movement within other movements. This is how Reggaeton will continue to evolve both in Puerto Rico, and the throughout the world in the future. To say that Reggaeton is Panamanian is wrong, as it fed off Panamanian Reggae, but it also fed off many other types of music genres throughout its birth and growth. Reggaeton is an offspring of music. Reggaeton for sure will define ALL music in the future, and it will be really interesting to see what the Youth of Puerto Rico will provide to the world. All eyes are on you Puerto Rico...
1. Wow! What is the amazing beat, says the White lady moving her hips irresistibly?
2. The Asian lady tells her "It's Reggaeton, a type of music from Puerto Rico..."
3. Oh, my god! This stuff is great says the Jamaican who just smoked two blunts...Star, you be wildin'...
4.Diablo loko, esto esta candela, says the Dominican guy to his boy.
5. Makore Motek, Sababa! This is great, says the Israeli girl to her boy friend in Tel Aviv, Israel.
by malvin December 04, 2007
Commonly considered noise, Reggaeton's reputation is off to a bad start here in the States. Close-minded english-speaking people with maybe two years' worth of high school spanish under their belt are quick to reject this new genre. Reggaeton evolved from both Reggae and Jamaican Dancehall music. So, it's a dancing genre, like the waltz or salsa or tango. Because it's a dancing genre, the beat is the same tap-tap-bass in almost every song.

Most people discard the genre based on that fact alone. And that's just silly, seeing as the ever-popular bubble-gum pop has the same boom-boom-tap beat. Which, when you think about it, sounds pretty similar to the Reggaeton beat. And for you ravers out there who also balk at this genre: Drum-N-Bass? Trance? Happy Hardcore? Boom-hiss Boom-hiss. HULLO! Trance is just as repetitive in it's beats as Reggaeton. I listen to techno, and that beat in every song I realized actually helps me appreciate the music AND slip into the trance the music was designed to make me. Reggaeton's beat does the EXACT. SAME. THING.

Next: Lyrics. Yes, some of them are sexist and crude. But let's face it, this is America, we can't even listen to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" without getting our panties in a twist. Also, Ludacris, anyone? Yeah, his stuff's pretty nasty, too. But you guys still listen to him! Oh yeah, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' John, all those idiots rap about fucking drunk girls brains out, regardless, "Get Low" is still played at every high school dance without fail. It's really easy to say that rap is sexist and crass and inappropriate. But it isn't completely. Usher, LL Cool-J, Ne-yo, P.Diddy all sing or rap about love or just clubbing and having a good time. Reggaeton's exactly the same. Just because Reggaeton's banner boy Daddy Yankee has a dirty mouth, don't dismiss the genre. Some of these guys (and girls like Ivy Queen) have good voices and nice lyrics.

So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
by Gracious April 26, 2007
Spanish Music that CAME FROM, WAS ORIGINATED IN PANAMA but greedy ass PUERTO FREAKINS stole it and claimed it as theirs. Those fucking hating ass biters.
Puerto Freakin: Oh yea, reggaeton is ours
Panamanian: Hell Fucking No, it came from Panama but yall lame asses stole it and claimed it as yours, u fucking bitch ass jockers
by PanamanianMamii August 07, 2008
The reggaeton is a RITTIM (not music as some cockfags call it) that was originally born in PANAMA, it's derivated from an african music called "raggamuffin".
when the panama channel was under construction, many puerto ricans who worked there heared the raggamuffin, when they got back to puerto rico they teached the raggamuffin to everyone, in the year 1982 the reggaeton was invented IN PANAMA, but it was never too succesfull, however some years later the puertoricans who were back from panama and had listened to reggaeton, stole it from there and mix it with raggamuffin, causing the reggaeton to "evolutionate" into what it is today: a poor "music" that have the same rittims in all the song (PUM PURUM PUM PUM).
and if you read some stupid people deffinitions, they will try to defend of this fact saying "all the latin music have the same rittim" THAT IS NOT TRUE!
just something that an idiot invented to defend his pseudo-music.
95% of the reggaeton lyrics speak about wild sex (it even endure and condone sex among people who havent even reached the 15 years), getting drunk, going to "partys" and all that shit, the other 5% is still stupid, but at least not only about sex, however it speak of inmature love relationships, or things like that, making it really stupid.
the reggaeton have an even dumper dance called "perreo", derivated from the wild dog sex, you can see a dog fucking another dog, next day you see the same dog fucking OTHER dog, so the word perreo is like a style to fuck the bitches one day without getting really commited with them.
perreo is just "having sex with clothes", it's not even deserved to be called a dance, and the worse part of this its that its just danced by fat and ugly bitches who know they will never get a dick inside they're pussys, and by rapers or guys who cant get close to the pretty girls.

reggaeton is the prove that humanity is decaying, since "Daddy yankee" is the god-father of a kid called "miguelito"
now "miguelito" is called "the heir of daddy yankee"
he's a 8 YEARS OLD KID, and in his first video (recorded when he was 7) called "MONTALA" (montala means "ride it" in spanish)
the song lyrics was just about this
"YA LLEGO MIGUELITO VEN Y MONTALA!" (miguelito's here, come and ride it!) singed by the 7 years old kid, in the video the kid is touching the ass of many horrible bitches dancing (most of them ditn even looked 18), so reggaeton is a corrupting music.

the "reggaetoneros" are just idiotic people, who dress like gangsters but are nothing but a bunch of possers, they say that the rockers and basically anyone who doesnt listen reggaeton or dislike it, it's because they are "jealous" that what tooked 60 years to the rock, reggaeton made it in five, and this is shit, because the rock becamed a world-wide phenomenum after 3 years of being created, reggaeton has 20 years old and it's not even world-wide yet!

the singers think that the only thing that matter's is the money and the way they dress, they dont sing to share a message, they do it to get money.
the reggaeton has repetitive lyrics, rittim, horrible singer voices and does not even uses instruments.
but fear not, because the reggaeton it's just another stupid fashion that will end from one day to the other, like the hippies or the 80's music.
"Einstein goes to a party, and he find's a guy, he starts a conversation with him

Einstein: greetings! can I know your IQ?

the guy answer him "400", so einstein began to talk about hidrology, sistem engineering and calculous.

Einstein find another guy

Einstein: greetings! can I know your IQ?

the guy answer's him "100"
they began to talk about biology, astrology and cartography.

he finds another guy and make him the same question, the guy answers "80" so they began to talk about politicians, world hunger and countrys.
he fins ANOTHER guy and make him the same question, as usual the guy answers "70" so they began to talk about sewers and cleanning.

and finally he find's a guy and ask him

Einstein:"Greetings! can I know your IQ?"

guy: MY I-what?

Einstein: Have you listened daddy yankee's latest album?

that was a reggaeton fan ¬¬
by manmansuperman August 30, 2008

reggaeton is the best music ever for dancing. mostly listened to by hispanics. so all yu white people tlking trash about reggaeton. BESA MI KULO (: muchas gracias. ahor, DALE MAS GASOLINA!!!!!!!!!

and no , its not all the same. its just danced the same. if yu dont like it . then simply dont listen to it.
Gasolina - Daddy yankee

Dale Pal Piso - Watussi , Jowell

Reggaeton ♥ ♥ ♥
by Bellaca Lokis February 01, 2011
reggaeton is a party type of music dat has a good bass and its like spanish rap/ hip hop mixed witht the reggae beat. Its what most young Hispanic and latinos listen to.
Some examples of da best reggaeton rappers are Nicky Jam, Hector y Tito (los bambinos), Voltio, Tego C., Yaviah, Yaga y Mackie Ranks, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Zion y Lennox, Rakim y Ken-y, Lito y Polaco, Daddy Yankee, Tempo, Getto, Gastan, and Tony Dize
by KikO March 18, 2005
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