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A music genre from South America.
Usually all reggaeton songs sound exactly the same having the same beat, rhythm and tempo and being its lyrics all about the same subjects.
People who sings or produces it usually lacks of music talent using it as an excuse for calling theirself talented musicians.
In order to become a Reggaeton performer all you have to do is to use the same background music from the already existing songs belonging to this genre and incorporate some lyrics which contain words as "mami", "papi", "ay" and other terms related to sexual topics.
Reggaeton is manufactured music for it is all the same and you couldn't tell the difference between tracks of a CD.
Reggaeton song
Tego Calderon - Ven Mamita
by Rossana March 25, 2006
1)Spanish for "Un-listenable."
2)Officially the worst music ever created. The Music gods should put a curse of locusts and frogs on whatever country invented it. Bob Marley spins in his grave as we speak because they used the word "Reggae" to name such a horrible genre of music.
1) "I would rather listen to a cat being butt raped with a shard of broken glass than listen to reggaeton"

2) "Listening to reggaeton makes me want to burn things"
by Joe Friday July 05, 2005
South American genre of music which consists of a repetitive beat, annoying vocals and primitive, simple lyrics in some sort of spanglish (it has nothing to do with Spanish).
Comparar a cualquier cantante de reggaeton con Mozart es como comparar un trozo de madera con un Stradivarius.
by Namakemono March 15, 2006
Spanish Music that CAME FROM, WAS ORIGINATED IN PANAMA but greedy ass PUERTO FREAKINS stole it and claimed it as theirs. Those fucking hating ass biters.
Puerto Freakin: Oh yea, reggaeton is ours
Panamanian: Hell Fucking No, it came from Panama but yall lame asses stole it and claimed it as yours, u fucking bitch ass jockers
by PanamanianMamii August 07, 2008
Puerto Rican / Panamanian spin-off of reggae music, being these two countries the main hubs of mass production / distribution of Reggaeton. It borrows a lot of graphical / sound cues from gangsta rap and mixes them down with percussive, abrasive variations of dancehall reggae. Melodies are usually minimal, there is a liberal use of samples from pop tunes and sound effects (siren, etc) and drum machines rather than analog percussions are used.

Reggaeton's lyrics usually are in the same ground as those of gangsta rap: Mentions of women -often in a sexual/misogynist sense- drugs, gangs, sex and double entendres abound, yet youngster-oriented radio stations in Puerto Rico and Central America somehow get away with it, broadcasting Reggaeton practically 24/7, given its big popularity across kids in the area.
Three things you will usually find together in my hometown: Ricers, gangsters and Reggaeton.
by DaMotha March 26, 2005

reggaeton is the best music ever for dancing. mostly listened to by hispanics. so all yu white people tlking trash about reggaeton. BESA MI KULO (: muchas gracias. ahor, DALE MAS GASOLINA!!!!!!!!!

and no , its not all the same. its just danced the same. if yu dont like it . then simply dont listen to it.
Gasolina - Daddy yankee

Dale Pal Piso - Watussi , Jowell

Reggaeton ♥ ♥ ♥
by Bellaca Lokis February 01, 2011
- Stupid ignorant gringo who doesn't speak spanish: Reggaeton is a music that is only about degrading women, and promotes the use of drugs and alcohol. And all the songs are retarded .For example, Daddy Yankee has a retarded song and all he says is "I want gasoline" wtf is that supossed to mean

- Me: Yah,its probably true in some cases, but have u ever heard of DJ Playero? The Noise? Vico C? La Industria? Have u bothered in doing some research u dumb shit. And btw, when he says "Gasolina" he means sex, u idiot.
- I wont put a definition. Just get some of the DJ Playero's productions : Playero 40 and 41. And Vico C old stuff. Those are good examples of good Reggaeton. And please at least learn how to speak spanish before talking trash about reggaeton. Do yourself a favor and don't look like and idiot trying to make fun of something you don't even understand.
by DominiKan March 25, 2006