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Imagine Rap raped Reggae and they had a retarded child, that's more or less what Reggaeton is, it is also the source of most of the social and cultural problems of latin america and and the only way stupid bad boys can be rich legally without going to school.

It's dance is, in a few words, raping a woman wih your clothes on.

I doubt you will find a positive comment about reggaeton here as the people that listen to it use internet just for downloading music and Facebook.
Reggaeton is the only drug you comsume with the ears.
by HelpYourself May 30, 2010
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A bullshit that affects people minds with extremely bad and disgusting words and actions. And it is not the tipycal "music" of central america an caribean, it's the typical NOISE!!! of the people that doesn't know anything about music.
Reggaeton Realy Sucks
by josemiguel December 04, 2007
45 28
a shitty genre of music that originated in Puerto Rico. often features shitty spanglish rapping over a generic beat.

fuck reggaeton....death metal/grindcore forever!
by CrushYourSoul February 27, 2006
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A type of music mostly popular in the Latino countries as well as the U.S.A. Reggaeton is said to be "half rap;half reggae.

In my opinion, reggaeton is full of friggin lyrics exploiting women... yuck.
by r.ome August 11, 2006
50 34
Contrary to popular beleif, reggaeton is NOT spanish reggae. It is spanish RAP with reggae/dancehall beats. Sometimes the rapping is spanglish, spanish with some english thrown in here and there.

This music style is growing in popularity with artits like Daddy Yankee (who is leading the genre right now), Noriega, Don Omar and Luny Toons.
Take a good listen to how a person in a reggae song speaks, then do the same to a reggaeton song, then a rap song. You'll find that a regaeton song has a reggae beat with rapping.

Popular reggaeton songs include:
-Dale Don Dale
-Oye Mi Canto
by Ichy February 21, 2006
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The worst "music" invented by human kind that only talks about how to get a women in bed and do her and how there all gangsta which they aren't.. They try to copy off of reggae, salsa, rap and a whole bunch of other orginal music styles....This is also disrespectful to themselves and the world. it uses the same beat and they try to sing with hip hop artist to get more credit and respect. And wannabe daddy yankees always blast it because they think its the coolest shit but don't know what the hell there saying in the song
Daddy Yankee
R.K.M y Ken-Y

Reggaeton has a whole bunch of other bullshit people i wipe my ass with
by Juan Fernando December 29, 2007
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Typical music from Puerto Rico and Central America. An urban mix of hip-hop, rap and reggae-dance. Born in the early '90s called "Underground". Back then, it had a more tropical beat, hence the 'reggae' part of the name.
During it's origin, Reggaeton was often banned from the radio and the music was distributed under the table because most of the songs' lyrics were relationed to sex, drugs and violence.
It has now evolutioned into a genuine genre, and is at its peak.
Among some of the pioneer artists are:
Vico C, The Noise, Las Guanabanas, Las Gargolas, DJ Playero, Alberto Stylee, Big Boy.

Some of today's most famous reggaeton artists include:
Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen, Calle 13, Eddie Dee, Tito "El Bambino", Hector "El Father", Wisin & Yandel, Zion, Lenox, Nicky Jam, many, many more...
by Colegial June 29, 2006
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