Like someone wrote before, it's the worst genre I've ever heard, pure garbage.

It came from the spanish reggae, wich is not bad, the lyrics talk about women and sex, obviously, but also the kind of relations that this people from central America have. There is one artist that made this music popular, his name is Edgardo A. Franco but he is known as "El General", he sings in a very unique way and has been the most imitated artist in this genre. But he's not part of this reggaeton thing. Reggaeton is annoying and I consider it is music for ignorants.
Reggaeton is garbage, don't listen to it.
by Petrus April 10, 2006
A type of music which mostly originated from Puerto Rico. Ironic, though, that it's called REGGAEton when it sounds almost nothing like actual reggae. It's more like rap with Spanish vocals.

But anyway... it is a type of music where:
1. Every song has the same beat
2. Every artist sounds the same
3. Every song is about the same thing: Women

Seriously, just listen to ONE reggaeton song and you've heard every single song in the universe. There is absolutely nothing that makes one song any different from another except for the lyrics themselves, which don't even matter because every artist basically sounds the same - uses the same vocal style and uses the same subject matter. It has even less variety than rap, which is sad indeed.

Is usually played at dance parties to get all the people to dance, which is mostly the only reason why it's popular - because it's dance music. You really can't use reggaeton for anything else other than dancing, because if you actually LISTEN to it, trust me - you're not gonna find anything new.
Do you want to make stupid people dance? Just get one reggaeton song - ANY song. It'll work. Don't bother trying to look for something specific - you'll get the same result in any other song. But reggaeton sucks anyway.
by SomeBadJoke August 22, 2006
Reggaeton or "Spanish reggae," as it's sometimes called, is a genre of music totally unlike reggae in every single way despite its name. Despite some subtle differences and differing tempos, every Reggaeton song virtually has the same beat. It also always has some talentless loser rapping in Spanish about how much he loves sex. You can usually hear it playing from people's cars or ipods. The people who listen to it ALWAYS turn it up obnoxiously loud because they're insecure and want to try to impress everyone by showing them their "good" taste in music.
Reggaeton really sucks
by lxkcvnb May 03, 2006
Sadly much of the fame of "reggaeton" started in Puerto Rico, it was highly influenced by what before was called "underground". In these past few years it has spread all over the world, but that is not only because of Puerto Ricans, it is because of a demand for really bad music that is occuring everywhere, from Britney Spears to Daddy Yankee. The lyrics are pretty lame, ignorant, and it is very popular among many.

Do not associate Puerto Rico with Reggaeton though. In this island there is also a constant battle with this shit, and not every young person here cares for it. We also listen to other music that is a great part of the culture, from salsa and merengue, to bomba and plena.

From a 22 year old Puerto Rican from the mother fucking island..... FUCK REGGAETON. period.
el reggaeton es una mierda.
by absolut tarita June 29, 2006
First of all, I'm a College Hispanic.

Reggaeton is a retarded form of music that only ignorant Latino people such as gangbangers, uneducated school drop-outs, or Hispanic Criminals listen too. Those kind of people don't like Metal, Classical, Jazz, or anything else; only there cheaply made repeatative synthesized beat with awful rap lyrics in Spanish. Of course, they might always lie and say they like all kinds of music to not sound too ignorant...

But to be honest, other forms of music that do not get any recognition such as Melodic Death Metal will always be superior compare to Reggaeton!!! That should actually be called Horribleton. Peace...
Don Omar (what a wannabe!)

Looney Toons (maricon bastards)

Reggaeton shit is fucking nigger music in Spanish!
What the fuck is the matter with all you Black puppet Spics? And to all you future gay mother-fuckers that are gonna talk shit against the truth, go fuck yourselves!
by I Am The Lord July 14, 2006
Disturbing noise some consider¨"music". Right up there with country and rap in terms of worse music on the planet.
Reggaeton keeps getting worse, thanks to such jackasses as daddy yankee and don omar.
by Adrian August 14, 2006
reggaeton is not actually just Puerto Rico's version of reggae...if you do the research you'll find that reggaeton first came around in panama as "spanish reggae". It has evolved to become "perreo", "dembow", or just "reggaeton"
i like reggaeton
me gusta el reggaeton
by fred February 28, 2005
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