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Gringos stay away from the reggaeton is as simple as that
Gringos really have nothing like reggaeton so they gotta be stealing it from us latinos
by latinlover February 23, 2005
A type of music that stupid dumb Mexicans like to listen to. It's value is crap. It's pretty much just rap by dirty mexicans, making them spicggas
yo yo yo, what up dawgs?

yo yo yo, que pasa perros
by br00klyn March 01, 2006
Just wanted to comment the last post.. Hey you fuck, at the beggining I was assuming that you're very smart since you listen to that crap you mentioned... But then I realized that you're not more than a retarded piece of shit..

Reggaeton is not from the us you cunt, thats the reason it's in spanish.. have you ever heard of pto rico? dominican republic? (both of them major sources of reggaeton) .. their language is SPANISH, you ignorant dickhead.

Im possitive sure that girls in the us love going to night clubs just to listen the djs playing intelligent music, just as Dr. Otcagon.. Dipshit...

And what's with reggae history? who the fuck cares about that? i hope you get lung cancer, since you must smoke a lot of weed becouse of your degree and enormous respect and devotion to reggae costums..
Reggaeton = Crazy girls wanting to have sex with you (well, not YOU.. normal people..)

Dr. Otcagon = Girls waiting in line, just crazy to kick the crap out of your not-spic and very pure american ass

Once again, i hope you choke and die..
by ac April 19, 2005
It is a dominican music that alot of Puerto Rican think they know but all good reggaeton artist come from the DR.
Daddy Yankee - Gasolina
by Truth Bringer May 08, 2005
A genre of music that only stupid ass, incoherent spics who dont know or respect the political history of reggae listen to. Thats why we dont have anything, we need to start listening to intelligent music, like Dr. Otcagon, MF Doom and De la Soul
by Chris Merino March 27, 2005
is spanish reggae
by lisa November 02, 2003
Music people dance too in Chile
Chile the chilean from #boobs and the Counter Strike world.
by John Paul 2 II May 01, 2005