Commonly considered noise, Reggaeton's reputation is off to a bad start here in the States. Close-minded english-speaking people with maybe two years' worth of high school spanish under their belt are quick to reject this new genre. Reggaeton evolved from both Reggae and Jamaican Dancehall music. So, it's a dancing genre, like the waltz or salsa or tango. Because it's a dancing genre, the beat is the same tap-tap-bass in almost every song.

Most people discard the genre based on that fact alone. And that's just silly, seeing as the ever-popular bubble-gum pop has the same boom-boom-tap beat. Which, when you think about it, sounds pretty similar to the Reggaeton beat. And for you ravers out there who also balk at this genre: Drum-N-Bass? Trance? Happy Hardcore? Boom-hiss Boom-hiss. HULLO! Trance is just as repetitive in it's beats as Reggaeton. I listen to techno, and that beat in every song I realized actually helps me appreciate the music AND slip into the trance the music was designed to make me. Reggaeton's beat does the EXACT. SAME. THING.

Next: Lyrics. Yes, some of them are sexist and crude. But let's face it, this is America, we can't even listen to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" without getting our panties in a twist. Also, Ludacris, anyone? Yeah, his stuff's pretty nasty, too. But you guys still listen to him! Oh yeah, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' John, all those idiots rap about fucking drunk girls brains out, regardless, "Get Low" is still played at every high school dance without fail. It's really easy to say that rap is sexist and crass and inappropriate. But it isn't completely. Usher, LL Cool-J, Ne-yo, P.Diddy all sing or rap about love or just clubbing and having a good time. Reggaeton's exactly the same. Just because Reggaeton's banner boy Daddy Yankee has a dirty mouth, don't dismiss the genre. Some of these guys (and girls like Ivy Queen) have good voices and nice lyrics.

So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
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by Gracious April 26, 2007
reggaeton is the most popular type of latino music out there right now. its origins are in Puerto Rico, which has the most reggaeton artists. reggaeton is often associated with el perreo because of the heart racing/club type of music that typically goes with it. reggaeton was formed by the mix of raggae carribean music with a strong Puerto Rican flavor mixed in. definitely the best music out there for latin youth these days.
"ey, fat joe made a new reggaeton cut se llama "mas maiz"

"yea homez i heard it its tha shit man 4 reel cuz."
#reggaeton #perreo #perro #best music #latin #musica #music #puerto rico #boricua #boriqua
by mzlatinnnagurl April 09, 2007
The best music on the planet!
A combination of Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, That makes you want to dance(perrear).

El Reggaeton es mi vida/ Reggaeton is my life.
These are some of the best "reggaetoneros":
Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel, Alexis y Fido, (Pit Bull?) Calle 13, Tego Calderon, and Jowell & Randy!
#reggae #reggaeton #regeton #reggeton #daddy yankee #don omar #wisin y yandel
by FReDo (The oFFiCiaL) April 14, 2008
The worst genre of music ever known to man. Most likely a marketing ploy by the Zionists to generate the feeling that spics are cool in order to keep the border open to them. Another symptom of the disese of Latin/beaner/spic immigration.
Those spics over there are blasting their shitty reggaeton (ragGAYton) music. Divershitty sure is great, isn't it?
#spic #beaner #gay #faggot #kike
by Soup2DeezNutz October 25, 2007
The best form of music in the world.
Reggaeton is fun to listen to.
#reggaeton #spanish #good #great #music
by Master C January 31, 2007
one of the most catchy genres ive ever heard of it rocks!! im from puerto rico and this is quickly becoming one of the best genres in the island.
"yo se que a ti te gusta el pop rock latino pero es que el reggaeton se te mete por los intestinos por debajo de la farda como un submarino y te saca lo de indio taino"

any way people who dont like it its because there mom tells them its wrong.
#filoteao #asicalao #bellaceo #perreo #sandungueo
by krystian January 10, 2006
Music made by wetbacks that sucks, it is a cheap imitation of hip hop and reggae. that music sucks and only wetbacks listen to it
reggaeton is listen by wetbacks <-shit
hip hop is for blacks <- good
#wetback #beaner #spic #shit #crap
by MoviCom CEO March 21, 2006
is just a cheap rip off of Reggae, the Jamiacan national music. Reggaeton is a prime example of what happens when black people do latino drugs!
Reggae but Spanish insteasd of Patwah
by TeaBaggin 101 May 17, 2005
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