Commonly considered noise, Reggaeton's reputation is off to a bad start here in the States. Close-minded english-speaking people with maybe two years' worth of high school spanish under their belt are quick to reject this new genre. Reggaeton evolved from both Reggae and Jamaican Dancehall music. So, it's a dancing genre, like the waltz or salsa or tango. Because it's a dancing genre, the beat is the same tap-tap-bass in almost every song.

Most people discard the genre based on that fact alone. And that's just silly, seeing as the ever-popular bubble-gum pop has the same boom-boom-tap beat. Which, when you think about it, sounds pretty similar to the Reggaeton beat. And for you ravers out there who also balk at this genre: Drum-N-Bass? Trance? Happy Hardcore? Boom-hiss Boom-hiss. HULLO! Trance is just as repetitive in it's beats as Reggaeton. I listen to techno, and that beat in every song I realized actually helps me appreciate the music AND slip into the trance the music was designed to make me. Reggaeton's beat does the EXACT. SAME. THING.

Next: Lyrics. Yes, some of them are sexist and crude. But let's face it, this is America, we can't even listen to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" without getting our panties in a twist. Also, Ludacris, anyone? Yeah, his stuff's pretty nasty, too. But you guys still listen to him! Oh yeah, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' John, all those idiots rap about fucking drunk girls brains out, regardless, "Get Low" is still played at every high school dance without fail. It's really easy to say that rap is sexist and crass and inappropriate. But it isn't completely. Usher, LL Cool-J, Ne-yo, P.Diddy all sing or rap about love or just clubbing and having a good time. Reggaeton's exactly the same. Just because Reggaeton's banner boy Daddy Yankee has a dirty mouth, don't dismiss the genre. Some of these guys (and girls like Ivy Queen) have good voices and nice lyrics.

So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
by Gracious April 26, 2007
Reggaeton has nothing to do with reggae. If you actually listened to it you would see that it roots from latin hip hop and rap.
Frontean con cojones pero tienen miedo/ No son nadie si no tiran/ Me oyen y se arimillan/ andan friolentos/ mis liricas los cohiban/ tu eres guasa guasa/ tu eres guasa guasa, envuelve maza.
- y para el americano que no lo entienda pa'l carajo, q aprenda a hablar español!
by Borikua de Pura Sepa June 10, 2005
a genre of music which was previously known simply as Spanish Reggae. Artist known as El General from Panama and other pioneer artists began the movement which sounded like the Jamaican Reggae of that time. The Spanish Reggae classic "Te ves buena" by El general is actually the "Hmm...Mommie, Mommie" dancehall joint. "El Gran Pana" is the spanish version of "Don Dadda" These early Spanish Reggae classics even made their way into the Jamaican Reggae scene. This genre has evolved to what is now called Reggaeton and its pure garbage. Annoying choruses and high pitched voices attempting to rap over very simple beats which all sound the same make this the worst genre of music I've ever heard. By the way I am a Latino. Latinos were listening to Rap, Hip Hop and (true) Reggae until this Reggaeton went commercial. Anyone who knows music knows this is music at its worst! Props to the pioneers of this music who stayed true to the form but this new generation of Spanish Reggae sucks. Hopefully it will die out in at least another year. If it is so good why are the Latino Djs the only ones promoting this Basura(Garbage)?
Reggaeton music is for the retards with no taste in music. "I listen to Reggaeton because every other immigrant is listening to it too" Create your own original music and stop biting off of other's ideas and saying it in spanish.
by Music Lovers January 05, 2006
The only music gayer than rap. Puerto Rican faggots listen to it when they are driving through Orlando with seven of their family members packed into their shitty twenty year old Honda Accords with stupid looking five foot tall spoilers.

They think it makes them look cool and sets them apart as a distinct American subculture. In reality everyone who is not Puerto Rican thinks they are fucking retarded lazy ass holes who come to the states with an entitlement mentality, and expect Americans to change in order to accomodate them instead of assimilating into the mainstream American culture.
Steve, "My neighbors kept me up all night last night sitting on their porch, drinking Coronas, and listening to reggaeton."

Rick, "Why didn't you do anything about it?"

Steve, "I called the Sheriff's Office but the deputy was a puerto rican who only got his job because of affirmative action, so he just went over there and said hi to his cousins."
by emeffer September 03, 2009
Reggaeton is the combonation between latin hip-hop and jamaican reggae, and thats where it gets its name from because its sounded more like reggae then hip-hop back then when it first started. After reggaeton became more popular in Panama and Puerto Rico it started to take its own sound and a comonly used base line called "Dembow" took place. After dembow started Reggaeton producers and artist started intergrating different hispanic genres into reggaeton such as Salsa Merrengue bachata ect....Reggae and Reggaeton now sound in no way alike. Reggaeton like in every genre has its mixture of singers and rappers, and the topics that they sing and rap about are like every other genre.

It is now being targeted by every one as vulgar and "trash" because like Rap, Rock, when it first started, is the hot new genre that the younge people listen to and related to.

The only difference between Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Rock, Salsa and every other genre is the type of rythem and beat it has, Because they all have singers and rappers and some genres even have people who just scream out words that rhyme. Every genre has songs degrating women, every genre has songs about money, sex, drugs, life ect.....
Sex related songs:
Reggaeton: "Noche De Sexo" (Night of Sex) by Wisin y Yandel ft. Aventura

Hip-Hop: "Lollipop" by 50 Cent & Lil Kim

Rock: "Lets put the x in sex" by Kiss

Derogatory to Women:

Reggaeton: "Guata Gata" by Guatauba ft Plan B

Hip-Hop: "Shake That Ass" by Mystical

Rock: "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones
by Someguy856 December 22, 2008
shitty spanglish rapping over a badly done reggae beat.

Julio Voltio has murdered great songs like "Drop it Like it's Hot" with his reggaeton spew.
by RemixThis November 23, 2005
1)Spanish for "Un-listenable."
2)Officially the worst music ever created. The Music gods should put a curse of locusts and frogs on whatever country invented it. Bob Marley spins in his grave as we speak because they used the word "Reggae" to name such a horrible genre of music.
1) "I would rather listen to a cat being butt raped with a shard of broken glass than listen to reggaeton"

2) "Listening to reggaeton makes me want to burn things"
by Joe Friday July 05, 2005
A music genre from South America.
Usually all reggaeton songs sound exactly the same having the same beat, rhythm and tempo and being its lyrics all about the same subjects.
People who sings or produces it usually lacks of music talent using it as an excuse for calling theirself talented musicians.
In order to become a Reggaeton performer all you have to do is to use the same background music from the already existing songs belonging to this genre and incorporate some lyrics which contain words as "mami", "papi", "ay" and other terms related to sexual topics.
Reggaeton is manufactured music for it is all the same and you couldn't tell the difference between tracks of a CD.
Reggaeton song
Tego Calderon - Ven Mamita
by Rossana March 25, 2006
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