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An act of refreshing your facebook every 3 seconds in hopes that someone/or something has been posted or added on their page. Often stems from feelings of utter boredom or extreme loneliness.
Ashley: Sam has actually been staring at the same facebook page for like three hours now

Anna: Only 3 people have confirmed her party so she keeps refreshbooking to see if more accept. They wont.
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
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The process of camping out on Facebook like an imbecile , constantly hitting the refresh button on your web browser waiting for new activity to occur. Meanwhile your life flashes by.
John: Has Jim been on Facebook all afternoon?

Jason: Yeah, he has just been refreshbooking all afternoon waiting for new status updates.

John: That's lame.

Jason: Very....
by Africanlegend August 29, 2010
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