A man who enjoys sucking dick and fucking men so much he begins to develop a small prebubesant vagina
Kevin lived a life of licking dicks and began fingering his vagina when it formed because of his newfound Reeves. His partner Diego loved it so much he had a sex change and fingerred his own pussy. But of course after this they broke up cause Kevin can only be with another man.
#vagina #pussy #fingering #dick #sucking
by BustANut222 April 09, 2009
Top Definition
An absolute babe. Yes, he is incredibly stupid, but, he's so sweet and romantic. He is often found listening to music that doesn't fit his character. He acts like he's incredibly cool, but he's really a dork on the inside. Sometimes, he can be the biggest jerk, though.
Person 1: Oh, Reeves, you're stupid!
Reeves: Thanks!
#love #sexy #beast #awesome #stupid
by f.ofhope December 08, 2011
Somebody who is usually inanely retarded but gets popular because of it. If your name is reeves, feel sorry for you
Dude Reeves is a total maniac
person2: no he's really dumb, but hes actually slightly funny
#reeves #retarded #booty #smart #cool
by rickys mom March 30, 2009
A term decribing an absolute beast of a man with exceptional drinking capability and more sleaze than a second hand Kleenex. Those personifying this phrase can often be found carrying off easy wenches in the night, regardless of their state of conciousness. Characteristicly owns diminutive legs despite towering above almost all other lads.
Big Tasty: Oh hey man whats happenin playaaaa. Hoora scraps ih night, just away for some big old cuddles.

Rest of the club: HA he's such a Reeves.
#tasty #kleenex #cuddles #beast #wenches
by Minbam April 15, 2011
A crazy relative who everyone in the family likes to make fun of.
Jim is the Reeves of our family.
#family #relatives #crazy man #lunatic #freak #misfit #homosexual #alcoholic #old man #geezer
by BamaMan88 November 22, 2007
Similar to fives, but without a time limit. One calls this when they get out of a seat and it is saved until they return.
"Yo, wanna go to Arby's?"
"Yeah man, Reeves."
#fives #seet backs #reeves #glenn #other
by The$tuff January 21, 2009
a dirty stripper
she noddin her head like yahh shes movin her hips like yahh but not like miley cyrus do. shes a slut.
#stripper #hooker #hot #yo #lil mama
by jonnaydepp:) October 04, 2009
a prude nun
that reeves is scared of dicks
#prude #nun #virg #pure #pretty
by holycowmamamaama September 24, 2009
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