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When you are so excited to eat your Reese's that you forget to take off the SECOND rapper that is inconveniently the exact same color as the chocolate.
Ex 1:
Person 1: Hey man whatcha eatin?

Person 2: Wassup bro, just a Reese's peanut butter FUCK!

Ex 2:
HAHA screw you guys, I have a Reese's Peanut Butter --- FUCK!!!!
by KoolAid Addict April 06, 2010
Noun: A sexual situation in which a woman of Asian decent in sandwiched between two men of African decent.
Warn your kids not to accept any Reese's Peanut Butter Fucks next halloween.
by RARL August 08, 2009
When a man covers his penis in peanut butter and then fucks a girl in the ass. She then shits over his dick and eats the combination of shit and peanut butter
Dude yesterday was valentines day andni gave the girl a reeses peanut butter fuck
by Sayyes to satan February 14, 2011
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