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Someone who looks up elephant porn in his local library and smells of poocorn and masturbates on public buses while proceeding to throw his jizz at the driver as a sign of affection.
sometimes mistaken for homosexuals due to the fact that they shove pogo sticks up their arses and bounce around all day as their main source of transportation. they are not homosex they merely love sucking elephant dong and attempt many sexual acts with crocodiles.
Frank: "Hey look at that Reece mounting that pogo stick!"

Barry: "EURGH! Im getting out of here, i dont want anyone throwing semen at me!!!"
by Pseudonympho1234 October 21, 2011
you're a kewl dude don't ever change!
love ya bud!JK!
by "BUDDY"(WHITNEY) August 18, 2003
for a boy they can be cunts, think they're the nuts and all the rest of it!

though rarely a female 'reece' comes along and they are a rare kind of girl. one not to fuck about, who know their own mind and is driven. they will accomplish everything the put their minds to. a girl named reece will also be beautiful. not fit or peng. the girl you take home, the girl you dont want to lose. intelligence is common among female reeces as is competivness, as they hate being second best. do not mess a reece about.
reece was the best thing in my life and i fucked it up. im such an idiot.

look at reece! she's got everything i could ever want from a girl.
by allknowlegable. August 04, 2011
Philippino word that can mean absolutely anything or nothing depending on how retarded you are. Similar words are abrakadabra for the people of Sweden. Often used to describe any activity related to smoking and alcohol.
What the Reece?!
Suck my Reece.
by Fetus November 21, 2004
Bigger than a Shaobin, said to be the biggest sand Nigger in the Universe
"My name is Reece, and even Saddam bows to me"
by Exile February 04, 2004
the act of using your hand to display a retarded thought trying to leave your head.
hand must be spread out, palm facing away from the head, and the end of the wrist in contact with the centre of your head. the little finger must be 90 degrese to the arm/wrist, with the thumb paralelle with the arm/wrist, and the arm/wrist must be paralelle with your eye-line
dave: "hehehe i just cant eat your legs without much more jam said jeremy to your face"

*at this point in time you may choose to reece to show that you have the thought of that retarded comment in your head and can probably do you much damage to keep the thought trapped in your brain*
by gimdive January 11, 2004
Believes he is of Asian descent;Prone to ebonics and/or Vietnamese language.
"Yo wut up baby, I b Reece. Meh. Meh. Meh. Whateva. Azn pride. I like Eclipses betta then Hondas..o wut?"
by anonymous November 27, 2003