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A person who thinks they are totally sweet - ballin, if you will. This person believes that they excel at billiards and race car driving.
When I made that shot, I was all like "Ree on!"
by Fo Shizzle My Nizzle February 14, 2003
10 1
A person who is completely ridiculous and says Shee and Ah! extensively. He also thinks Dante Hall is the coolest and fastest person in the world.
1.)"Shee!Shee!Shee! Ah!Ah!Ah! Beat the time piece known as the clizock, beat the clock."

2.)(chanting)Daaaannteeee HAAAAaaaall!
by Big Tex/Brenda January 21, 2005
10 2
A person who lacks any original thought or takes any action for himself.
TIIIGHHHHHTTT. Seriously, what a bad ass.
by Mr. Slim April 01, 2005
7 1