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Ridiculous. A word that, when used by the right people, is hilarious.
Jane's new hair cut is redonkadonk
by Tuesday Valentine August 07, 2005
The name of a burger unlike any other, famous in Portland Oregon.

It's a grilled cheese sandwhich for one bun, a 1/4lb angus beef patty, egg, bacon, ham, spam, the extras (lettuce tomato etc), and another grilled cheese sandwhich for the top bun.
You: Dude, that is the most redonkulous burger I've ever seen?!

Me: Yea, its the Redonkadonk.
by JackieStan June 04, 2010
Otherwise the formal spelling of, redonkadonk, is derived from both redonkulous and badonkadonk; hence coupling verbal and visual absurdity together in order to portray something (emotionally and/or physically) unfathomably disturbing, amazing, or - in many cases - both.
Did I tell you about the time I saw Pat Robertson at a strip club getting a lapdance and screaming, "Hallelujah!!"? ...Yeah...Redonk-a-donk.
by C_Dizz February 27, 2007
a ridiculously large ass, so much so that you must have it, there is no other way
I tried talking to a redonk yesterday yet she had a boyfriend, her butt was so crazy it was a redonkadonk
by thenza May 29, 2015
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