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1.Someone who is a redneck trying to be mexican. I.E. clothing, food, low rider...
2. Vice versa: A mexican thats trying to be a redneck. Likes boots, cowboy hat, leather belt with large silver buckle, and drives a Ford truck.
A Tex-Mex is a perfect example. Or a Rednexican that loves mexican women
by Sphincterlover August 20, 2012
0 2
A Mexican with Redneck tendencies.
Hey ya'll! Look at that Mexican with the mullet out there on the dance floor doing the boot scootin' boogie! Boys that ain't no Mexican! That's a Rednexican! He's one of us leave em alone!
by charlesmithias75 June 09, 2008
43 10
The co-mingling of a Redneck and a Mexican that occurs in rural areas, most often in mobile home parks.
"Check out the Rednexicans that moved in down the way".....
by TrinaA July 01, 2008
7 1
A trashy, uneducated white woman that dates Hispanics and is magically endowed with the ability to speak perfect Spanish via sperm osmosis. These women generally start off dating Black men, but realize that the Hispanic men are not as offensive to their families(dark, but not that dark).
She flunked out of ninth grade and can't speak proper English. But, after having an Anchor Baby with Hector, she speaks perfect Spanish. She's such a Rednexican.
by Sam Buzzard 89 September 13, 2010
5 12