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A stick,brick,or another you put under your back tire of car/truck to substitute for normal brakes.
Redneck 1: Well there i was, that big sumbitch truck came right at me.

Cop: And this Truck had no driver?

Redneck 1: Nope

Cop:(to redneck 2) Sir get your brakes fix

Redneck 2: Well Hell i had em bastards on musta snapped or come loose.

Cop: take it to the shop.

Redneck 2: Hell Where are my Brakes?

Redneck 3: here they are

cop: what the fuck that's a 2-by-4.

Redneck 2: Yep em "Redneck Brakes" .
by MaineRedneck March 31, 2011
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