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a small city in the north end of the Sacramento valley where the radical right has taken a strong hold and has set up base camp for everything white.

Redding has a large population of hillbillies that like to pretend that they are yuppie's. to make my case the local Starbuck's is the only one that sell's Larry the cable guy's CD's.

Man, Redding, California is a so white that i sometimes think i am in 1955 era Selma Alabama!
by Willie P Richardson December 04, 2008
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Know commonly to the "gang"wanksters as the RDG, or the "530" this is a community in the middle of nowhere that most people don't even know even exsists and for good reasons. Besides the fact that 14 year old girls are mothers and that the most exciting place to go around there is Wal-Mart and the Win-River Casino, this place is a huge meth capital and a good majority of it's population have teeth like stars, they come out at night (if they even have teeth).
"Tim and I are gangsters from Redding, California"

"Where the F is that?"
by yadayumsayin October 05, 2007
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The stupidest place on earth, full of idiots. It's also the most boring place on earth where most 17year old girls are mothers. Oh, and most people don't go to college in Redding, either. We're all too stupid.
Go to Redding, California you jackass. You'll find your kind there. Fuck you.
by Roiben May 25, 2007
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