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1).An action practiced in the southern United States were a male will dig up a corpse and fornicate with it after lubricating the orifices with a mixture of chew tobacco, moon shine, blood and urine

2). Any act of fornication where the female is either asleep or dead and within 50 feet of a Confederate flag or a pickup truck
3). A mixture of the words Redneck and Necrophilia
Cop 1: Man what is with people in this town, they are screwing dead people every freaking night, its like there all necrophiliacs

Cop 2: You mean Red-Necrophiliacs ?
Cop 1: lol

Hick 1: Man doing my sister last night was amazing....she was even awake this time!
Hick 2: Whoa man, you moved past the point of red-Necrophilia, thats getting serous
by Little MOnster magnet June 14, 2010
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