When your partner is on her period, you proceed to open her vagina very widely and then poop in her. You then have sexual intercourse, mixing the poop and period blood. You lastly eat her out.
1: so did you get it on with your gf last night?
2: no
1: why?
2: because she was on her period.
1: why don't you give her some red velvet.
2: whats that?
1: It's where you....
2: JESUS CHRIST MAN!!! That's the best idea ever! Imma go call her now.
by THE MUFFIN MAN November 09, 2012
Top Definition
When a ginger girl gives you a blowjob and you blow your load in her hair causing a combination of semen and red hair similar to a red velvet cake.
I gave this ginger chick a great red velvet last night when I was getting some awesome domeage and blew my load all in her hair.
by Bigburrmonster May 09, 2013
When you take a Frosty™ and funnel it into your girlfriend's vagina during menstruation and go to town. This is different than the black forest when one pours a Frosty™ into a sexual partner's orifice.
Dave: Did you go down on your girl last night?
Chad: Hell yeah, I gave Stassi that good good red velvet!
by professorlovecakes September 20, 2015
When you eat a girl out, and you do not know until you are done that she was on her period and the bottom half of your face looks like you ate red velvet.
"Hey man so how did it go with your girl last night?" Guy 1

"Awful, i got down on her and i went in for it, but then she told me she felt funny, and apparently she was on her period." Guy 2

by XxEmoxX June 17, 2013
The outcome of over-arousing a woman on her menstrual cycle.
My sheets have turned to red velvet!
by Eveariel December 12, 2012
When a guy with a full-fledged beard goes down on a girl on her period.
Dude, everything was great! Including my red velvet (squeeze, squeeze his beard)."drip, drip"
by friendsgiving December 06, 2014
The act of receiving a handjob (an old-fashioned) while eating a piece of cake
I gave my boyfriend a Red Velvet during my grandma's birthday party last night.
by BallsOut469 August 18, 2012
When a guy ejaculates inside a woman who is on her period , the resulting mash up is a red velvet
Dude, i did the red velvet with her last night, it was nasty as heck but she loved it...
by NaijaRiffic January 20, 2012

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