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10 time Stanley Cup champs; NHL assholes who spend a shitload of money to win the Cup; 10 straight playoff berths; they suck
I hate the damn Red Wings.
by 0000 October 20, 2003
(Verb)To bang a girl on her period.
Joe totally red-winged her last night
by Mike March 01, 2005
to have sex with a virgin and pop the hymen.
"I finally got my red wings last night after popping suzy's hymen like a water balloon....bleegooooooowwww"
by amizzle June 19, 2006
The worst thing to happen to the NHL with the exception of maybe the Columbus Bluejackets. The Red Wings have at least 9 hall of famers on their team at a time. They make an attempt to buy the Stanley cup every year.
Those Detroit Red Wings can suck my ass. The frickin' Ducks beat them out in the first round. I hope the Red Wings never win another playoff game...ever!
by Maple Leaf Fan May 16, 2003
To do anything with a girl while she is on her period.
He earned his red wings last night.
by Moo Cows September 12, 2005
the act of launching your greasy, slimy tongue onto her hairy blood infested vag of nasty. While doing so you must pour some sort of liquid to drain the taste of period blood from that wasteland of SICK ASS HAIRY BLOODY VAGINA THAT HAS SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST WHILE RETRIEVING. Gonosiphaids.
"I gave my girl a red wing then puked my dick off."
by Poopmaster0 May 14, 2010
1. Named after the reddish, foul color of the discharge from a woman's vagina during her menstrual cycle, it's the slang used to describe the course of action that occurs when one is so horny and filthy that they perform a sexual act with a woman (or transvestite) on their period, completely disregarding shame and health. Usually refers to the act of oral sex with a woman on her period. Is not thought of as cool or as something you would bragg to your friends about.

2. Period eating (usually accompanied by a bib or sponge).
1. (After looking at Johnny's face)
Gil: "You slob, you've eaten ribs three nights in a row, are you some kind of nigglet 'er somethin'!?"
Johnny: "Haha, of course not Gil, that's silly, I'm no nigglet! Ya see, Sue's on her cycle so I only got about two more days lef to red wing her." (dialogue taken from "Johnny Deeper--an American Poet")

2. Red winging has played a valuable role in history. Periods were thought of as a delicacy in Scandanavia during the Neolithic Period and is thought of by many historians as the origination of the red facial hair and pubic hair that haunts many Northwest Europeans today. (Columbia Encyclopedia)
by GeneGine October 12, 2006