The real definition of red wings is when you eat a woman out when she is on her period. But in order to get the red wings, you must pull the tampon out by the string using your teeth. Once the tampon is out you shake your head ferociously side to side like an animal. The bloody tampon will then leave red wing shaped blood marks on your cheeks !
I shook that tampon so hard it left me with red wings stamped on my cheeks !
by cudatoy February 10, 2010
Refer to the blood spatters on your cheeks after pulling a bloody tampon out with your teeth and shaking your head from side-to-side like a dog.
Look honey! I look like the Joker after I gave myself Red Wings with your tampon!
by Jonathan Caine November 17, 2009
blood smears on your legs after having sex with a menstruating woman, most people think it is when you eat her out but it is not.
I got red-winged last night and had to take a bath!
by ( )( ) June 26, 2005
Red wings is when you have intercourse with a woman when she is having a period or when you pound her til it bleeds and decide to keep going.

Red badge of courage is when you oral munch that cooch when she is on the rag or you accidentally bite her in the crotch making her bleed, yet you decide to keep going.
"Dude last night I earned my red wings with the help of your mom. Btw i thought she had her tubes tied, whys she still raggin?"
by AzNm0Nk3y January 09, 2006
when you eating out a girl and she has her period in your mouth
"yo this stupid bitch red winged me"
by joseph simms February 08, 2004
to have sex with a girl on her period untill red wings of blood are splattered on the insides of your legs.
1.i wanted to fuck so bad and she was on her period, so i just red winged her

2.i earned a pair of redwings last night, my girlfriend was on her period.
by mikal3 February 19, 2006
The act of pulling a tampon out of a menstruating vagina by the string using only your teeth. Once the tampon is out of the vagina you then shake your head left and right quickly (as if shaking your head "No") allowing the tampon to smake your cheeks, thus leaving "Red Wings" on your face.
I earned my Red Wings last night.
by talee July 16, 2007

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