keep quite when they lose and become arrogant jackasses when they win.
even though the yankees have been 26-1 against the yankees in world seires wins in the past 86-ish years they don't realize it.
yay we won a world series we're soooo much better than the yankees
by mAGIK bUS March 12, 2005
The most loud mouth people EVER. Red sox fans in new york don't even do that but if your in boston it's like if you yell more we'll hurt their feelings and goin after state wise wheres that gonna get ya (thank you for that update Tae-Kwon-Do Jeebus your a good man)
WE won they suck finally yankee fans can shut the fuck up. about what? We're gonna continue and the 22-0 loss well we gotta be first in nearly everything right?
by Nata Wata Eata January 01, 2005
1) Annoying snob that watches the Red Sox get their asses handed to them every season. Usually reluctant to admit that winning in '04 and '07 does not make up for 100 years of failure.

2) Usually confused with moron.

3) Talks with annoying gay accent.

4) Jealous that the Yankees have 27 (count 'em) world series rings.
e.g how to communicate with a red sox fan

"Bawsten sawks cawk" or the more accepted, "kiss mah ahss"

synonyms with gay faggot sucks
#red sox #sox #sed sucks #red sox fan #gay #red sox nation
by JOAShbacon July 20, 2012
Someone that lives and dies for the Red Sox. Someone that spent their childhood at Fenway park no matter if the Sox won or lost. Someone who knows that the Red Sox will always be better than the Yankees.
Person 1: Did you see the Sox game last night?

Person 2: Obviously! I was there!

Person 1: You ARE a true Red Sox Fan
#sox #mlb #boston red sox #dirty water #red sox nation
by anonymouswritter May 19, 2009
Red Sox fans are not about stop rooting the team when they start losing and start rooting when they win. It means root for your team through losses and wins. No matter what the Red Sox will be in our hearts. It's some greater than Baseball. It's passion. Passion that can never be taken away by Babe Ruth, the Yankees or any other team. They can't reach that. It's protected, forever.
Red Sox Fans are like no other
by nick898 November 15, 2003
Someone who likes to spend so long having sex that parts start chaffing and turning red. Named after a famous Baseball team who took so damn long to win people had DIED waiting for them.
Red Sox fans are people who believe that their inability to climax makes them great lovers as opposed to tedious ones.
"Oh my God, he kept going on and on, a total Red Sox fan!"
"No way!"
"Way! And you know what? Afterwards he was convinced I had just witnessed the best sex on Earth!"
"What a loser!"
#ejaculation #red sox #chaffing #boring #sex
by Daddy Danton September 30, 2007
Dedicated and loyal. There is no denying the love of the game that Sox fans posess, and true fans stick with their players through thick and thin.
Red sox fans are absurdly devoted to their team.
#amazing #best #loyal #devoted #fun #crazy
by Kayleigh N. June 30, 2007
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